Vizrt APAC named one of the top-ten media and entertainment companies in the Asia-Pacific region

Vizrt: Enabling broadcasters to deliver compelling content across media platforms

Originally published by APAC CIOoutlook

Digitization of the media and entertainment industry has been driven by the on-demand economy that requires instant accesses of critical information and services for their personal gratification. While digitization empowers the media industry to create content that engages customers with relevant information, many incumbent companies that still utilize traditional media to generate content are at the risk of being left behind, due to the pervasiveness of information and the constant competitive pressure posed by the digital revolution. Comprehending the ever changing trends and shifting paradigms in the media industry, Michael Namatinia, President Vizrt APAC says, "The volume of the industry is dependent on the content that is delivered to customers, and on the other side, the ability of media organizations to examine how consumption habits are shifting in response to digital disruption. These changes in consumption preferences transform traditional broadcasters to media programmers for adequate content delivery."

Founded in 1997 in Bergen, Norway, Vizrt focuses on simplifying editorial and production workflows by designing customer centric solutions that drive innovation, and ensure efficient broadcast. With highly skilled programmers that design customized tools for interactive and virtual solutions, real-time graphics rendering, weather, video editing and playback, and compositions, Vizrt enables broadcasters to create and exceedingly deliver content on different platforms at the same time.

As a renowned media service provider in the APAC region, Vizrt has developed an array of products through constant innovation and has accelerated value for its clients by providing end to end broadcasting solutions that have more effective and efficient distribution strategies. The company's comprehensive product portfolio includes Viz Arena, Viz Story, Viz Engine, Viz Libero, Viz One, Viz Opus, Viz Virtual Studio, and many more. Apart from customized services and solutions, the company also takes initiatives to train its clients through online courses and offers webinars to render appropriate guidance and information on Vizrt's products. "The online courses are designed to ensure that clients feel more comfortable and confident in all future dealings with production," adds Michael. Vizrt's spectrum of training courses includes tutorial videos, product videos, tests, certifications and many more.

With over thirteen offices spread across Asia, the company has enhanced its client's content generating capabilities. Vizrt has worked with some of the world's leading broadcasters in the APAC region including SAMAA TV, PGA Tour Entertainment and among others. While the company's Viz University courses allow clients to extend their knowledge on Vizrt's products, Vizrt also initiates an open discussion with clients to understand their specific needs, challenges, and business goals. "Vizrt has made number of acquisitions' over the years that boosts us to function more efficiently," concludes Michael. In the recent past, the company has taken its tools to cloud and has allowed third party integration to provide unique services. In the coming years, the company is focused on building next generation tools to help clients compete in the evolving media industry.

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