The Vizrt Social TV solution 1.4: Access to own data and enhanced Twitter search

The latest version of Vizrt’s social media management tool is released with new source types and tighter integration with external Vizrt applications

SQL source type

A new source type has been created to enable using data from an SQL database such as Oracle. The new SQL source type allows users to select data from a schema's tables and columns to add to Feed Streamer. Incorporate data with SQL commands or from menus in basic mode.

Twitter Collection and Trends

Options have been added for finding relevant tweets and hashtags in the Twittersphere. The Twitter source in Feed Streamer now has two new search panels - Collection and Trends. Users can now search for trending hashtags in cities around the world, plus see the number of tweets per hashtag. A user’s Collections (tweets organized by event or interest in TweetDeck) can also be incorporated as a message into Feed Streamer.

Ticker Atom feeder

Vizrt Social TV now has two ways of sending messages from Feed Streamer to Viz Ticker carousels: via the Feed Streamer and via the Ticker Atom Feeder. When running, Feed Streamer sends updated, approved messages from groups or sources to Viz Ticker. Ticker Atom feeder, a windows service with no user interface, ensures updated messages are sent when Feed Streamer is closed.

Additional new features

  • Tagboard has been added as a new third party integration, enabling creating sources with data from Tagboard.
  • Support for Tweets with multiple images

Installer, Documentation and Tutorials

Download installation files from the ftp.

Read the fully updated documentation in our Documentation Center.