Viz Story 1.2: New video and image editing tools and user authentication

The latest version of the story creation tool, Viz Story 1.2, includes new user authentication and authorization, tools for using images in a timeline, and easier editing of source videos.

Viz Story allows media companies to quickly create compelling video stories with full real-time, state of the art 3D graphics and easily distribute them online and to social media. The following new features are part of the Viz Story 1.2 release which will be demonstrated at NAB 2017 on the Vizrt stand SL2416.

User authentication and authorization

The new user authentication and authorization feature in Viz Story 1.2 allow users have a custom login to Viz Story so that they can create private stories and share them with the rest of the organization. Sharing enables other to view, edit and publish your story. When searching for stories, it is possible to only search for own stories as well as searching for shared stories.

Authentication supports Active Directory server and OpenID connect protocol. Included in Viz Story 1.2 is a new component, LoginHub, built on top of IdentityServer4, which can be customized to be integrated with other third party authentication integration points. 

Managing images in the timeline

Images often provide visuals that makes your story more appealing and interesting. Viz Story 1.2 makes it easy to quickly add images to the timeline. After adding an image to the Image search area, the user simply drags the desired image to the timeline and adjust the position and timing within the timeline. Users can choose to show the entire image full screen or in reduced aspect ratios they can choose part of an image and panning effects are easily added to the image.  The following formats are supported: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TGA and TIFF.

Editing in the source preview window

Sometime you want to only bring in part of a video into your timeline. When you doubleclick on a video in the Video search area, the source preview window opens and allows you to review the video and do some rough cutting by selecting in point and out points. All the rough cutting functionality can be done with keyboard shortcuts. When you have the shot you want, drag it to your timeline or add it using a shortcut.

Other new features include:

  • Notifications in the User Interface to see the publishing status
  • Enhanced usability when dragging and dropping by highlighting allowed drop areas
  • Various user interface enhancements

See the full release notes available at Additional documentation is bundled with the Viz Story 1.2 installer.