Meet the winners of the Viz Artist Design Competition

The winning submissions are being showcased on the Vizrt booth at NAB 2017.

Vizrt has announced the three winners of the Viz Artist Design Storytelling design AND/OR Augmented Reality (AR) graphics competition. The call for stimulating storytelling design and/or Augmented Reality graphics in Viz Artist received many great submissions from all over the world. Our panel of judges had a difficult decision choosing the best of all the great work submitted. After multiple rounds, the first, second and third-place winners have been chosen.

The 1st place winners of the Vizrt Design Competition were presented their awards during the Big AR Show at our NAB 2017 booth. Wisdom Udo and Alberto Crispo made a a fantastic AR story showing the dangers climbers face on Mt Everest.

First Place: MT. Everest


Alberto Javier Crespo lives in Georgia, USA and has been working at The Weather Channel for 9 years. He holds a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts with a concentration on 3D modeling and animation from Savannah College of Art and Design.

What brought you to Viz Artist?

"When I got hired at The Weather Channel, I was introduced to Viz Artist for the first time, 9 years ago. New software is always intimidating to learn, but Viz Artist was incredibly easy to pick up and learn. Its no surprise its an industry standard. While most people use Viz Artist as a motion graphics tool, I used it as more of animation tool for cinematic scenes. My unique skill set as a 3D modeler and animator combined with Viz Artist's easy-to-use graphics engine allowed me to bring something unique to The Weather Channel.

Funny story about our Mt Everest piece... The idea was originally presented and rejected. Just a couple days later, we were suddenly given the green light to make it, but with only 3 days to complete it. Keep in mind, it was rejected and we had not done anything on it other than concept the idea in writing; there was no concept art, no storyboard, no models, nothing. But we were determined to make something special and amazingly, the two of use alone were able to create all the assets from scratch and deliver this piece from nothing to completion in just 3 days. To this day, it remains our record for quickest turn around for an augmented reality project."

Wisdom Udo has been working at The Weather Channel for 5 years and holds a Bachelors in game design and entertainment/ Associates in multimedia design from ITT-Tech.

What brought you to Viz Artist?

"I was first introduced to Viz when I started working at ESPN. I was taught by the best there and they really helped me get a grasp of the program. Then I came to The Weather Channel where I was able to utilize more of my talents for 3D modeling and animation to create worlds and large scenes to explain weather phenomenon. I love realtime engines and Vizrt is one of the best in broadcasting.

I was informed about the Design Competition by my boss. So we looked at last years winners and we thought their work was very good and that we might be out of our league. So we rolled the dice and threw in what we thought was our best work. I am still shocked that we won."


Second Place: Development of Jakarta's Subway

Tombak Matahari lives in Jakarta, Indonesia and has a Post-Graduated, Master of Design, Faculty of Art and Design Bandung Institute of Technology. He has worked as Head of On-Air Graphics CNN Indonesia for the last 2 years.

What brought you to Viz Artist?

"5 years ago as motion graphics artist I was amazed with the capabilities of what Vizrt could do, but I didn't have chance to use or learnt it. In 2015 when I began to spearhead CNN Indonesia's graphics team I start to play around with Viz Artist and Viz Pilot and really pushed my team to get the best from these products.

This competition was great practise for us as Vizrt designers to work collaboratively as a team. We were really excited to participate in this Design Competition because we really wanted to win the PS4 VR for entertainment in our graphic room; nevertheless, winning second place is such a great experience for us."

CNN Indonesia's graphics team involved in this project are:

  • Art Director: Tombak Matahari
  • Viz Designer: Ayuningtyas Fitri Anugraheny, Arry Rachman Wiradilaga, and Deny Anwar Saleh
  • Viz Programmer: Hari Fatwa Triardianto


Third Place: AR Story

TV 2 GRAFIK is a mixed group of designers in Denmark. Some work mostly with implementation and programming, while others are hands on motion designers, producing new graphic elements every day. Primarily for TV 2 Nyhederne - the TV 2 main channels’ news show, and TV 2 News, our 24-hour news channel.

"Some of us has been here for more than 25 years, before the channel aired for the first time, some has only been here for a few months, while others are interns and are still attending school on the side. Some come from a graphic design background, while others have worked with advertising, programming and architecture before becoming a part of our team.

We are all very enthusiastic about our work, and thrive in the busy and sometimes chaotic world of news production.”

Left to right standing:

Trine Gregers Aagaard, Claes T. Bondo, Jakob Havmøller Sørensen, Michael James Knight, Thomas Bødker, Adi Strichman, Gert Garmund, Kent Rise Hansen, Bjarke Aagaard.


Simon Andersen Nørredam, Jan Andersen, Sissel Gregers, Janne Bekker, Ellen Meldgaard Pedersen.

On screen: Katrine Stub Rimer and Christian Askøe Vollmers


Honorable Mention showreel

Vizrt put together a showreel promoting the inspiring details of what Viz Artists around the globe are creating. These designs will be used to inspire the future project competition.

Even Nordmann, Vizrt Creative Director, stated “Great to see the material and the many remarkable AR works from our most prominent customers this year. The winner has a particular spectacular scene that is both visually impressive and deserving storytelling.”

The mandate of the competition was to submit a Viz Artist animation that featured stimulating storytelling design AND/OR ingenious Augmented Reality (AR) graphics! The competition opened late December 2016, and deadline for final submission was March 24, 2017.  The submissions received were of extremely high quality in terms of both uniqueness of the project ideas as well as the execution of the animation design.

The first place winner will receive a PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony PlayStation VR, with a PlayStation-camera for PS4 , with Playstation VR Worlds. The top three winners will have their work promoted on, social media channels and during NAB 2017. Each will receive a Vizrt goodies bag and Best Design diploma, along with the opportunity to become a Vizrt Certified Professional with free access to write the Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer exam, and a Vizrt Training License for 1 year.

Boost your career and become Vizrt Certified!

Vizrt certification is recognized as a significant asset in the media industry. By becoming a Vizrt Certified Pro, you demonstrate your advanced knowledge and expertise with Vizrt’s line of products, making yourself a more valuable member of any media company.

A person having passed the Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer exam confirms that the candidate can take a project from creation of an idea to a set of graphics ready to be controlled by either Viz Trio and/or Viz Pilot and understand how solutions can be executed in a larger team together with designers, IT personnel or programmers.