Viz Pilot 7.2

Viz Pilot 7.2 is the second quick release of Vizrt's template-driven graphics and video management system. This is a minor release, including bug fixes.

Viz Pilot offers media companies the optimal environment for template-based content creation and playlist delivery. In addition to bug fixes, version 7.2 includes several improvements in the journalist workflow like better saving functionality for library elements, and improved performance of the Pilot Data Server.

Journalist Workflow

Working with library elements in 7.2 is less error prone. To prevent the user from accidentally overwriting a library element, the Add to library checkbox in the save dialog is unchecked by default.

In Template Wizard there is a built-in template script that validates data entered in the template. What is new in 7.2 is that the template designer has control over how to present a problem to the user.

The description of all data elements in a playlist in Director (except MOS playlists) are now editable.

Pilot Data Server

The time needed to transfer RestVOS images to Pilot Data Server clients is reduced in 7.2. In addition, memory usage is reduced when multiple requests for VOS images are served simultaneously and when transferring raw files from the Pilot Data Server.

Improvements and bug fixes

Issues were fixed across Viz Pilot applications, including Director, Template Wizard, Pilot News and the Pilot Data Server. For a full list of improvements, please review the release notes here.

Installation and Documentation

Please visit to download the latest installer, and read the Viz Pilot 7.2 User Guide at the Vizrt Documentation Centre for more information.