Viz Pilot Edge 1.0

Viz Pilot Edge 1.0 is the premiere of Vizrt’s HTML5-based web client, fully supported to run in native HTML newsroom components.

Modern newsroom workflows require a powerful browser-based newsroom client that can adapt to the many different systems that journalists interact with daily. Viz Pilot Edge 1.0 answers this call to provide an intuitive interface for preparing graphics, videos and images for newsroom computer systems (NRCS).

An intuitive interface

Viz Pilot Edge is designed with an intuitive interface that let’s anyone easily fill in templates and prepare assets for any type of production. The responsive layout gives the journalist the best possible working experience no matter what screen resolution they are using.

Support for any newsroom system

Viz Pilot Edge is an HTML5 based web client that fully supports native HTML newsroom components without the need of a local installation. An optional plugin allows Viz Pilot Edge to run on legacy NRCS systems that do not support native HTML5. Additionally, Viz Pilot Edge can be used in a browser without the need of an NRCS, allowing content to be prepared without a MOS-based workflow. This capability allows users to prepare elements or timelines to be used later.

Editing graphics, video and images

Version 1.0 of Viz Pilot Edge allows the user to edit existing MOS objects, including graphics templates, images and videos, that are already present in the NRCS. Elements – which are templates filled with content and saved to a database – can also be searched for, opened and edited in Viz Pilot Edge. Timing information can be added to graphics only, and will be sent to the NRCS. Video assets can have graphics added to them in a simple timeline editor and be saved as a single MOS object. Here, the timeline editor is used to time the graphics. The graphics can be edited later as part of Vizrt’s Meta-graphics workflow. 

Meta-graphics workflow with Viz One

Viz Pilot Edge supports the Meta-graphics workflow. Rather than burning graphics into video and rendering a final version of the clip, Meta-graphics lets editors and journalists edit graphics templates in Viz Pilot Edge and then save the graphics metadata alongside clean newly-edited video, saving both to the Viz One MAM system.

Easy template creation

Template Builder 1.0 is an additional tool released alongside Viz Pilot Edge. This tool allows template designers to customise the auto generated fill in form to provide a much better user experience for the Viz Pilot Edge users preparing content. Template Builder also gives template designers the possibility to replace the auto generated fill in form, with a way to point to an HTML template that will be shown to the user instead. Using standard web technologies, this can be used to script and customise the look and feel of fill in forms presented to the Viz Pilot Edge users. To learn more about Template builder, read the full release notes.

Read the Viz Pilot Edge 1.0 User's Guide and Template Builder User’s Guide for more information.