Viz Guru and goosebump-inducing designs: Interview with veteran designer Artur Paprocki

We sit down with Viz Guru instructor Artur Paprocki as he packs his bags for Bandung, Indonesia, the location of next month’s Viz Guru training event. Paprocki, a pioneer in virtual set design, will lecture to Viz Artist designers on augmented reality. Here, he shares his experience designing for elections and working with Viz Artist. He also explains why training events like Viz Guru are so important for designers to take their work to the next level.

You started as a Vizrt designer working for Polish public TV covering elections in 2005. What was that like?

"We had the feeling that we were creating pioneering designs. We were a couple of people creating something millions of people would see. That was a really great feeling. It feels good to know that so many people are watching and hopefully enjoying our work. I hope the designers attending this Viz Guru will have the opportunity to do that kind of work and feel the same way."

What was it like to be a new designer working with Viz Artist?

"The biggest impression you have when working with Viz Artist is you are building your own world. You can build anything, even your own castle! In the case of virtual sets, you can build it and walk into it. When doing for this for the first time the results can be very surprising. When I built my first designs I did not really know what they would look like in the end. Then I saw it and got goosebumps."

You are also a tutor at a private university in Poland. What do you like about teaching?

"I really enjoy helping people understand complex subjects. I also know what it feels like to struggle to get in-depth knowledge of a product. The best solution, I think, is to show case studies - examples of how Vizrt tools are used by customers. At Viz Guru, we will show the steps to complete these projects, explaining how they were designed and prepared. We have great case studies with examples from sports and election broadcasts, among others. I really enjoy passing on this experience to the new generation of Viz designers."

Check out Artur's design work on his Vimeo page.