Fox Sports enters 20th World Series on a ratings, technology high note

Its massive gear complement includes Vizrt laptops, 40+ cameras, 6+ slo-mos, and 14 underground mics.

The following is an excerpt of the original article by SVG.

At the outset of the Postseason, Fox launched a new MLB scorebug and graphics look designed by Fox Sports EVP, Graphics, Gary Hartley and his team. At the same time, Fox graphics operators onsite transitioned from traditional Vizrt CG workstations to laptops with Vizrt software. During the World Series, Fox will have two operators running two graphics channels apiece from the laptops (plus a scorebug operator). The only traditional Vizrt machine onsite will be on hand as a backup.

“It’s amazing to say, but our Vizrt [machines] are now just laptops,” says Brad Cheney, VP, field operations and engineering, Fox Sports. “[SVP, Graphics Technology and Integration,] Zac Fields and his crew worked with vendors to build some breakout boxes to feed the video into the laptops, but we are using them on the air as our main machines, and it’s been great. It’s portable, easy to use; it helps on shipping, and they can build shows on real machines during downtime and travel.”

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