Viz World 17.0.0

The update includes integration with Google Maps for better maps, created quicker and with more flexibility than ever had before.

Viz World version 17.0.0 is now released and includes new features for adding Google Maps satellite imagery, as well and updated land vectors and points of interest database. Viz World is the broadcast industry standard for the creation of branded maps and geographic animations. It is available in a server/client workflow or as a standalone version.

Google Maps integration

Version 17.0.0 features integration with Google Maps. Now journalists, producers and graphic artists have the highest quality satellite imagery available to them within their editorial tools. The Google Maps data is added as an overlay to Viz World’s base map. The accuracy of searches and locations are improved using Google’s search engine. The Google Maps API is also supported for interactive touch screen presentations.

Google Maps images are automatically processed and color corrected so users can create geographic maps that feature a nice crisp, smooth transition from all of the different graphics tiles in a stack so that it has that perfect look each and every time.

Google Maps imagery is integrated across Vizrt’s various tools. In the newsroom, journalists can select maps using the new HTML based newsroom client, Viz Pilot Edge. Users of Viz Story, Vizrt’s social media story creation tool, will also benefit from the new integration because they can use Google Maps to make quick stories with great-looking maps for social media.

Updated global database

Viz World’s comprehensive global database has been updated to include several thousand new geographic names, border and boundary updates, administrative region updates and coastline adjustments. Disputed regions have also been updated to reflect the world’s current geopolitical climate. Disputed regions change rapidly and the latest update has improved and adjusted current borders. Additional localized names have been added to the database for several countries around the world.

For a list of all data updates, please refer to the release notes.

All the new features are also made available in Viz World Classic 17.0 for Windows which is released on the same day.

For more details, please refer to the Viz World documentation.