Viz Story 1.4

The latest version of the story production tool adds more Metadata capabilities, Meta-Graphics and Viz World integration.

Viz Story 1.4 is released today with many new features to aid the use of graphics, distributing stories, and working with content from the Viz One media asset management (MAM) system. Viz Story allows media companies to quickly create compelling video stories with full real-time, state-of-the-art 3D graphics and immediately distribute to online and to social media.

Custom metadata fields

Viz Story 1.4 features the addition of metadata fields. The metadata fields allow stories to be efficiently archived into a MAM and redistributed with meaningful metadata for efficient search in 3rd party systems. The capability allows users to create a publishing form where the metadata can be easily inserted.

Meta-Graphics integration

The Meta-Graphics workflow allows the journalist to change graphic content up until the moment the video and graphics are played on air. Meta-graphics can be added to a video timeline from Viz Pilot in the newsroom or through Viz One. When Viz Story 1.4 users open an asset from the Viz One MAM system that contains Meta-Graphics, the graphics will be added to the timeline so the user can edit the graphics further before publishing.

Viz World integration

The new integration with Vizrt’s powerful real-time 3D mapping system, Viz World, allows Viz Story users to open, edit and add maps to the Viz Story timeline. This Viz World integration expands the editorial content capabilities of Viz Story.

Additional new features

  • When loading Viz Story, the user will be met with an Open Story dashboard.
  • Easy linking of an atom feed to a graphic template. 
  • When video is published, the user can view or download to a local machine and manually publish to a desired location.

See the full release notes available at Additional documentation is bundled with the Viz Story 1.4 installer.