Template Builder 1.1

The template design tool now includes a tool for integrating atom feeds.

Template Builder 1.1 has been released with several new tools for integrating feeds, setting search parameters, and easier template design. Template Builder 1.1 is designed to work with Viz Story 1.4 and the upcoming release of Viz Pilot Edge 1.1.

New Feed Browser feature

Template Builder 1.1 includes the new Feed Browser tool. Feed Browser allows the user to link atom feeds to one or more fields inside a template. The user can browse external atom feeds in a user friendly way, without the need for scripting. Feed Browser can also be accessed from the PayloadHosting API.

Controlling search parameters

Users can now control the search parameters attributed to a template. This feature allows the user to set search phrases, tags, and date constraints for video, image, geometry and material fields. Controlling search parameters will also be possible from the PayloadHosting API.

Multi-field selection

With Template Builder 1.1 it is now possible to multi select fields in the model tree. This feature improves usability so the user can batch select multiple fields and set values to common fields such as visibility or read only constraints.

For more information read the Template Builder 1.1 documentation.