Tracking Hub and Studio Manager 1.1.0

The latest version of the configuration and control system for Virtual Studios adds the ability to record tracking data, features for reducing studio setup time and support for sending and receiving GPI signals from supported devices.

Post and replay

Tracking Hub 1.1.0 features the ability to record tracking data to be used on any virtual set at a later date. This can be done on the single parameters, which enables the user to correct incorrect settings and delays later on. Or it can be done with the final camera matrix before it is sent to the engine. This is useful for sports or for the designer who can work on pre-recorded data when designing a studio.

Template system for known tracking vendors

The new template system reduces studio setup time. The rig hierarchy and special settings, which are typical for Spidercam, Shotoku or TrackMen, are stored in the template. Clicking a template generates the tracker driver, the rig hierarchy with all needed settings and the camera service. The user only needs to set the necessary connection settings.

GPI devices and video routers

This enables the Tracking Hub to recognize signals from video mixers such as Sony or simple button boxes and is required for frame accurate switching of cameras and signals. This is important for virtual studios, where a single Viz Engine handles multiple cameras. At the moment we support GPI devices from Sealevel and five different video routers.

For more information read the Tracking Hub and Studio Manager 1.1.0 documentation.