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The PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games are brought to the world with Vizrt tools.

Broadcasters around the world are covering the Winter Games using a variety of Vizrt tools. We'll post the latest updates, and behind the scenes info from the games - direct from the broadcasters in Korea and from global press.



23 February 2018

NBC Sports gives greater insight into the Winter Games with analysis from Viz Libero

American fans of the Winter Games are getting extra clarity for the action in PyeongChang from NBC Sports. Using Viz Libero, NBC Sports is providing detailed analysis on everything from hockey strategy to the position of a skiers feet while airborne. The tool allows the presenters to easily create instant replays, track players, zoom into important details, add telestration, and, with integration to the Winter Games data feed, show important stats such as speed and distance.

The video below shows the NBC Sports graphics package applied to sample sports video not from the Winter Games–we don't have rights to show footage from the games.



22 February 2018

Augmented reality helps Al Jazeera explain Winter Games sports


Al Jazeera is leveraging augmented reality to help explain the wide variety of sports represented at the Winter Games. The explainers, which have been created for a variety of sports, are produced out of the network’s newly updated studios in Doha, making use of the space’s large video walls to add a stylized polygonal mountainscape that matches the network’s Winter Games open.

Augmented reality elements are inserted into the center of the studio, with a variety of 3D models ranging from mannequin-like figures to snowy slopes dotted with trees to the serpentine path of the bobsled course.

These augmented reality scenes are created through Vizrt’s Viz Virtual Studio and rendered by the Viz Engine with motion tracking from Motion Analysis. Learn more from NewscastStudio.





21 February 2018

Eurosport creates AR and virtual graphics with stYpe and Vizrt


Our friends at stYpe are busy at the Winter Games providing tracking solutions for Eurosport. Their Red Spy and Human Crane tracking systems are at work allowing the camera movement (tracking) data in the studio and at the event to be sent to the Viz Virtual Studio software. This tracking data is applied to virtual cameras in Viz Engine which allows Eurosport to create virtual sets and augmented reality graphics that move naturally with the cameras in the studio. Read stYpe's Facebook post

Learn more about how virtual sets and augmented reality graphics are created.



The results:



19 February 2018

Finnish broadcaster YLE mixes highlights with quirk in Winter Games show


NewscastStudio is featuring an article about  how Finnish national broadcaster Yleisradio Oy (YLE) has created a fun and upbeat daily recap show for the 2018 Winter Games, known as “Korea Tunnissa” or “Korea in an Hour,” airing on its Yle TV2 channel.

The show mixes entertainment and culture segments with Winter Games highlights and is presented by husband and wife team Mikko and Kristiina Kekäläinen, who both work at YLE as journalists. Broadcasting from a studio in Helsinki, the show features a live studio audience which plays off the unique banter and format of the program, making it feel more like a late night show than a Winter Games clip show.

Using Vizrt’s Viz Virtual Studio, the show also utilizes augmented reality graphics to preview segments and even to create a little fake snow. Read the full article.





16 February 2018

Al Jazeera English takes a look at "Chess on Ice" with augmented reality graphics

What is the most exciting sport in the Winter Games? Curling! The sport can be confusing to many people so Al Jazeera English employed Viz Virtual Studio and augmented reality graphics to explain the rules of the game sometimes known as chess on ice.




15 February 2018

Danish Radio uses Vizrt tools to cover the Winter Games

DR, Denmark's national public broadcaster, just completed construction of their new studio DOKK1 in Aarhus. Launched 1st February, the studio is used for event-based broadcasts including the Winter Games. Live productions are controlled from DR in Copenhagen with camera feeds from the studio in Aarhus 186km away.

During the Winter Games coverage, DR is using Viz Trio to control split screens, scoreboards, and the studio's LED wall. Viz Pilot is used by the journalists to fill in graphics templates and to create a playlist of graphics used on air. In the control room, Viz Pilot is being used for clip playback, and commentator subtitles.





14 February 2018

Korean Broadcasting System Delivers 4K Coverage to Viewers


Korean Broadcasting System, the national public broadcaster for the host nation, is on hand at the Winter Games with a team of 200 that is creating 24 hours of content a day split over two channels and delivering ready-to-air coverage to the network’s headquarters in Seoul.

One of the studios features Vizrt augmented-reality graphics to allow on-air talent to sit at desks and have AR elements appear in the space between the cameras and the desks. Green screen in the same studio allows additional elements to be placed on the walls of the studio. Read the full article.





12 February 2018

CBC PyeongChang Winter Games graphics


Graphics for CBC and Radio-Canada’s coverage of the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea.

The main intro uses similar live-action cut-outs as CBC’s coverage of the Summer Games in Rio and Sochi while the overall look blends illustrative elements with traditional Asian motifs and patterns. Extensive augmented reality is used in CBC’s studio presentation to add virtual monitors, athletes and graphics, all powered by Vizrt. See the full gallery.



11 February 2018

Live from PyeongChang: BBC Takes Remote Production to New Level


It’s officially day two of the 2018 Winter Games and the BBC presence within the IBC is on the frontlines of a coverage effort that begins at the venues and extends all the way home to MediaCityUK in Salford, where a larger production team pulls together commentary, host feeds, beauty shots, and studio coverage to deliver all the action via two production control rooms.

The two control rooms in Salford will also add the branded BBC Sport presentation graphics including name supers, results, programme trails and additional creative elements. These graphics will be inserted using a standard Vizrt platform. Read the full story



9 February 2018

Eurosport brings virtual reality to the 2018 Winter Games with Vizrt


With 17 studios at the ready spanning South Korea to Europe, Eurosport is beginning the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang as the new European home of the games. Eurosport’s most unique studio in South Korea is known as “The Cube,” combining augmented reality, data and 360-degree graphics to allow experts to analyze the games from an interactive environment powered by technology from stYpe and Vizrt. Read the full story




*Editor's note: All official Winter Games logos have been blurred due to license restrictions.