Controlling graphics from the palm of your hand

Viz Anchor is a Vizrt app targeted at news, sports and weather presenters in the studio. The app runs natively on Apple’s iPad and allows users to control newsroom playlists, including video and graphics, directly from the iPad.

Our award-winning control app empowers your on-air talent to do what they do best: present content in a compelling way, free from a range of common newsroom restrictions. It provides a subset of the functionality of Vizrt’s other control applications, such as Viz Pilot  and Viz Trio, enabling the presenter to have an updated version of the playlist available in the palm of his or her hand - without going through the control room.

Viz Anchor integrates seamlessly with existing Vizrt workflows. Once the latest rundown is updated, the presenter may easily run graphics directly on-air, or for instance, start and stop animations on a Video Wall or in a Viz Virtual Studio. Video clips and graphics scenes can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the studio. This allows for a more dynamic presentation with a smooth and organic flow.

More interaction

Viz Anchor fits perfectly into a sports broadcast where, for example, the presenter wants to bring up relevant data during a half time analysis. It adds excitement to any electoral coverage, or adds a bit of thunder to your daily weather forecast. A number of real-time scenarios fetched by the anchor is all you need to make the presenter look innovative and creative. By bringing the number one trending tablet into the studio, you’re simultaneously expanding the boundaries of newsroom television.

Easy to use interface

Being an iPad app, Viz Anchor features an intuitive touch-based interface. Through the device’s wireless connection, changes in the playlist can easily be fetched by the presenter. Simply tap a finger in order to get the latest playlist at your disposal. Another double-tap will run any selected set of graphics.

Control graphics, video, maps, virtual object and more

There are no limitations as to what type of graphics you can control. It can be your typical CG (character generator) graphics, graphics on your video wall, your virtual set, or immersive graphics. At a crucial time of segmentation within the TV industry, add a new dimension to your storytelling with Viz Anchor.


To be able to utilize Viz Anchor you will need access to the following Vizrt software: Media Sequencer version 1.21 or later, Preview Server version 1.0 or later running on Viz Engine 3.3 or later. If you want preview of Viz Pilot graphics you will also need Vizrt Data Server version 1.1 or later.


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