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NAB 2016 Vizrt Public show
NAB 2016 Logicmaker demonstration
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Super Bowl LI AR on Fox Sports
Al Arabiya 2016 U.S. election coverage
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Chilevision 2016 election
Fox Sports Australia AR graphics in the stadium
2016 Teen Choice Awards
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TV 2 Norway's EURO set
TV 4 Sweden European Football Championship set
ARD/ZDF augmented reality graphics at Euro 2016
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Vizrt 2016 showreel
Election showreel
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Using Allegorithmic shaders in Viz Artist for Virtual sets
Using Cinema 4D and Viz Artist for virtual set design
Al Jazeera augmented reality graphics
Girraphic and Spidercam virtual augmented graphics
News 12 rebrand by Polygon Labs
V8 Supercars touchscreen
Real-time rendering with the NVIDIA M6000
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Cinema 4D integration
Sky News Viz Video Wall
Vizrt & Technodolly Augmented reality demo

Wake up your inner genius

Viz Artist covers all areas of today’s broadcast graphics. It enables designers to build complete virtual sets as well as complex 3D animations. It even makes bread-and-butter tasks, such as building geometry and creating fonts for lower third graphics, more efficient. Add to that full support for maps and video and you have a system that takes care of all your design needs.

Key features

  • Real-time 3D animation tool
  • 2D & 3D graphics
  • 3rd party model rendering
  • 2D and 3D DVE
  • Advanced font style handling
  • Built-in spline editor
  • MAM integration
  • OpenGL implementation
  • Timeline-based audio
  • Powerful Plug-in API
  • Full scene anti-aliasing
  • Third party graphics control

Logicmaker for easy Transition Logic design

Logicmaker is a Viz Artist companion tool that provides a visual and interactive way of creating new and modifying existing Transition Logic scenes. The web-based tool is typically run on a second screen, next to the Viz Artist. It displays all the toggle layers in the scene, giving the designer the ability to create, rename, replace and delete toggle layers. In addition, it provides a preview of animations without the need to import the scenes into Viz Trio or Viz Pilot.

Animations and more

Innovative scenes, compelling graphics, and stunning animations: Viz Artist releases designers from repetitive standard tasks and gives them complete freedom to concentrate on the creative side of their work.


Viz Artist 3 fully supports video as part of the creation process. Videos can be used as parts of a scene, or as textures mapped on geometry using UVW coordinates.


The built-in spline editor allows users to fully control every aspect of an animation. Parameters can be adjusted either by their keyframe values or with the attached handles.


Controlling animations has never been simpler: directors control the animations on the timeline. They can be split and merged and even grouped hierarchically. A clear representation of complex animations is provided.

Graphic Hub server

Viz Artist 3 comes with an integrated multi-user database that serves as the central point for storing all assets. This asset management database provides efficient and secure file-handling.

Guaranteed data consistency

All objects keep track of their references under all circumstances. They stay consistent even when they are copied or moved.  This means that changes in an object will always affect all connected scenes. Company-wide changes in style, such as new fonts or logos can be accomplished by editing a single element.

Organizing functionality

Viz Artist offers great flexibility when it comes to organizing references. Scenes, including all their relevant references, can be arranged in different projects. Complex scenes often contain many image, object, clip, and font references. These references are registered in Graphic Hub and can be easily searched for using any of their properties. All elements necessary for handling complex designs are accessible from one place.

Built-In Interactivity

Viz Artist 3 features advanced control and interactivity options. The application comes with its own powerful scripting language, closely resembling Visual Basic in structure and syntax. The scripting language allows designers to integrate interactivity and custom logic easily into a scene. It only takes a few lines of code to create interactive elements such as click buttons or support for touchscreens.

Pixel FX Plugins

Based on advanced shader technology, offering designers color correction and video manipulation in Viz Artist on a level that up now demanded third-party applications.

Support for Stereoscopy

For designers the transition from creating graphics for 2D playout to stereoscopic playout can be a challenge. With its integrated support for true stereoscopic preview on the same machine, artists can now instantly see how their design translates into 3D space and adjust it accordingly. It's no longer necessary to render elements out and check them on another screen before playout.

Open for other formats

Viz Artist 3 has the ability to import models from other 3D packages. It supports for files from all major 3D modeling applications. Viz Artist 3 can import files from, amongst others, Maya, 3DS Max, Lightwave and Softimage. It accepts the majority of these formats’ geometry parameters, such as reference to textures, texture mapping coordinates, smoothing groups, materials, and lighting.

Interactive election coverage

We offer you a completely integrated graphics and video workflow, giving you cost efficient tools for your election coverage. Read more

Viz Video Wall allows you to create unique installations that surround the viewer and go far beyond the capacity of traditional video-wall setups. Video Wall has a wide range of purposes in addition to regular studio broadcasting: It is perfectly suited for entertainment and educational productions, as well as interactivity in live broadcasting. Video Wall can even be used in outdoor environments. The solution integrates seamlessly with other Vizrt solutions without requiring changes in the workflow. Read more

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