Electric Friends


Electric Friends, makers of the next generation of robotic camera systems, is certified to work with the Viz Mosart studio automation system. By relying on all movement data being stored in the robot, Viz Mosart has access to the full range of possibilities of the Electric Friends robotic camera. Viz Mosart operators are able to program templates with references to the cameras and a particular shot (starting point of a move) or a trigger point of the move.

Electric Friends solution is an advanced industrial collaborative robot platform custom built for the broadcast industry. The robot is programmed with safety in mind, and has been certified to work in an environment with people in close proximity. The robot encoders are absolute, so even after a power shut down it will be able to know and get to it presets/positions. After calibration and setup with Vizrt it will stay calibrated. This makes it perfect for virtual reality and augmented, or any other shots where precision is required.