A Viz One product extension

Precut™ is a basic proxy video editing tool that is simple, reliable, effective and fast. It gives all of your staff easy access to browsing, clip selection and EDL creation from their existing Windows desktop without requiring high bandwidth access to media storage. Shotcut™ is the equivalent tool for Mac.

The tool is intended for performing simple “straight” cuts that do not require a full-blown NLE. Although the tool itself is simple, there are many features that can normally only be found in more complex applications. For example, just as with Easycut, users can browse and edit files while they are still being acquired, without having to to manually reload the entire clip or wait for the recording or rendering to finish.

Users can also easily open different video assets, create clips, and then add them to an Edit Decision List (EDL). Once the EDL is created, users have the option to trigger a render job for the EDL and create an entirely new asset or to send the EDL to a NLE workstation for further processing. Individual files or clips from files can also be sent to external destinations. During the render, the system will automatically perform retrieval of the high-resolution media from different storage tiers - performing partial file retrievals from an LTO-archive if needed - and then render the finished file while creating new new proxy media and a new asset.

In addition to being used with Viz One, it is often used with several other Vizrt products such as the Vizrt Online Suite and several of our graphics applications such as Viz Pilot, Viz Trio and Viz MultiChannel.

Easy Cut Video online

Key features

  • Frame accurate H.264 video with correct aspect ratio
  • Frame accurate time-code display, with support for timecode discontinuities
  • Playback controls: play, pause, frame forward/rewind, goto, FF/REW (up to x16)
  • 8 audio channel audio meter, possibility to mute each audio channel independently
  • Possibility to adjust the in and out points as well as the order of the clips in the EDL
  • Proxy overlay of subtitles / closed captions
  • Growing files can be browsed continuously without reloading
  • Export / Conform of media using the Conform Assistant