Viz Ardome

Viz One Enterprise Solution

Viz Ardome is not only a storage system. It is part of the Vizrt Media Asset Management family that consists of a whole range of products, covering different tasks from tape ingest to video editing. But don't worry; existing third party systems are by no means left out. Viz Ardome integrates with leading systems for non-linear editing, scheduling, newsrooms, and playout automation.

Efficiency comes with experience

Viz Ardome has come a long way since it was installed at a customer site for the first time in 2001. But it is not only the product that has matured over the last years; with the experience of hundreds of installations around the world, the Viz Ardome team has gathered valuable experience when it comes to planning and handling large scale MAM projects. The collective Vizrt expertise is at your disposal throughout the implementation process and assures the smoothest possible progress independent of the actual project size. How much support you want is completely up to you; our services range from basic installation support to delivering turn key projects.

A true multi-purpose MAM system

We like to describe Viz Ardome as a “multi-purpose” MAM system. In its core it was designed to meet a large variety of different requirements, ranging from typical broadcast uses, for example in fast paced news production, to specific needs in other markets such as playout to multiple devices or long term preservation of media assets. And don’t worry about any special product capabilities or integration points. The Viz Ardome experts will create a system that meets all your needs, be it highly specialized programming workflows or acting as the gateway to new media implementations.

What Ardome does for you

When developing Viz Ardome we didn’t want to create just another database. We wanted a product that would make all the daily tasks of media management from ingest to editing and playout not only easier but also more efficient. For instance, users can check the availability and status of media files directly from their desktop. They can instantly see if media files are being used in other contexts, when a file was used the last time and even if special restrictions apply. After finding a suitable file, users can even rough cut it right on their desktop machine. Since there is no need to assign sub tasks to other departments the whole workflow becomes more efficient, and resources can be used for more important tasks.

Core and Companion Products

The feature set of Viz Ardome is easily expandable. Use the optional Companion Products to build a unique system. Much of Viz Ardome’s flexibility is based on its architectural principles. The core functions, such as storage management, metadata handling, search, workflows, and user management are implemented in the system itself. Optional features are realized by additional Companion Products that enhance the feature set of the core product.

In most scenarios Viz Ardome is deployed with one or more of the following Companion Products.

  • Processor for the generation of proxy video, media format conversion and basic file QC
  • Viz DART, Viz Capture and Viz Upload for feed, tape and file ingest
  • Viz Video Engine as a two channel HD and SD video server
  • Precut and Easycut for proxy based video cutting and editing
  • Logger for advanced archive logging

In combination, these products and integrations provide a flexible and powerful end-to-end workflow that effectively enhance the value of any existing media database.

The potential for growth

Times change and so does the industry. Nobody can say for sure what the technical requirements for a media asset management system will be in five years time. It’s good to know then, that Viz Ardome can be scaled to address all demands to a future system. Should growing traffic demand not hundreds but thousands of simultaneous users then Viz Ardome can easily be scaled up to meet the demand. The same is also true for the amount of concurrent media operations.

The size of the database itself is virtually unlimited. You need to store years and years worth of video material? Not a problem for Viz Ardome. Our largest installation to date easily supports 2.6 Petabytes (2,600,000 Gigabytes) and there’s still room for future growth.

Open product platform

Viz Ardome is not an island. It runs on a number of hardware and software platforms, and supports most third-party systems that can be found in TV stations around the world. This support includes video servers and routers as well as automation systems and newsroom components. In addition, Vizrt has developed a platform certification process that analyzes products for which support does not yet exist.