NAB 2017 Viz Opus demo
Journalist-driven production with Viz Opus
Esperanza Spalding case study
Viz Opus for Esperanza Spalding's Facebook Live stream behind the scenes
Viz Arena and Viz Opus for live sports production
IP production and playout with Viz Opus

Viz Opus includes newscast automation, video switching, real-time graphics, and video playout–all in a single solution. Designed with multi-channel/ multi-platform news delivery in mind, Viz Opus is the center of the TV station of the future.


  • Compact solution - One system provides all vital components for production control room saving money on infrastructure costs.

  • Automation - With automation, production can be done error-free with fewer operators.

  • Scalable - With only one additional box, a media company has a full backup for switcher, graphics, video server and automation.

  • Standardized solution - The system is quick and easy install and operators only need to know a single interface to control a live production..

Key features

  • Single Integrated solution
  • SDI and IP support
  • NRCS Rundown Integration
  • Video switching and effects
  • Internal video playback with clip preview in the GUI
  • 3D Graphics
  • Automation for single operator
  • Template driven automation
  • Customizable clock displays
  • Preview next rundown items
  • Easy expansion
  • Feed graphics to on-set monitors
  • Video wall control
  • Centralized template creation
  • System sharing within a group

Operations and cost efficiency

Viz Opus combines Viz Engine for high-quality video and graphics playout, Vizrt’s automation system, and a Yamaha audio mixer into one package – all integrated to work seamlessly together. Viz Opus is easy to implement and use, while adding enhanced graphics capability to a newscast.

Newsroom integration

The Viz Opus newsroom plugin works with a growing list of NRCS, including ENPS, iNews, Octopus, Dalet News and Annova’s OpenMedia. Producers or directors can add automation templates into the rundown and build a complete show. The use of templates means that no complicated programming or scripting is required in the newsroom system for automation commands.

Flexible User Interface

Viz Opus features a highly configurable user interface, giving users the ability to store and instantly recall interface configuration settings. Story elements such as cameras, clips, and graphics are assigned to buttons, allowing quick and easy access. Story scripts from the newsroom computer system are shown directly in the GUI and Viz Opus operators can store clips and graphical elements in a pool, ready for execution on request. A Quick Access Panel allows any element in the rundown to be executable at any time, in any story.

Showmaker - create your rundowns without a newsroom system

Showmaker allows journalists to build and amend rundowns and rundown elements within the Viz Mosart studio automation system and Viz Opus compact control room solution. With Showmaker, producers can script stories and edit graphics templates and videos through a highly intuitive, web-based interface. The tool also integrates with Viz Pilot, allowing producers to easily access graphics templates and search video files in Viz One to add to show rundowns.

Multiplatform automation

An integrated multiplatform automation workflow generates content for use online or for VOD. Viz One, Vizrt’s media asset management (MAM) system, ingests the clean feed of the live show from the studio automation system in real-time, for automatic archiving. Detailed information is captured in the MAM for each story including its name, text from the prompter and graphics such as lower thirds or fullscreens. Vizrt´s powerful transcoder solution you can automatically create multiple versions of the video and graphics, each suited for the specific output such as online video or multiple resolutions for different mobile phones.

Workflow diagram

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