Viz Reporter now available for IOS and Android devices

Viz Reporter increases your chance of capturing exclusive content by allowing your journalists to capture high quality video content with their mobile phones and send it directly to your media server.

Viz Reporter is available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Note: Viz Reporter is not a standalone application for end users and works only in combination with Viz One.

"Viz Reporter has improved our productivity a great deal. It allows us to process content uploads more quickly and get the images published right away. It overcomes the quality issues with mobile phone content, and our multimedia material is now handled in an optimal manner.”
Rolf Dyrnes Svendsen, Editor and Director of Digital Media at Adresseavisen

The rules of news-gathering have changed

Today’s mobile phones have extensive multimedia capturing capabilities, making mobile to air broadcasting a reality for TV stations.

The Viz Reporter and Live Reporter fully utilize the multimedia capabilities of modern mobile phones and enable broadcasters, media houses, content providers and mobile operators to build new revenue-generating services with mobile high-resolution multimedia content.

Awkward file transfers and heavy compression can result in low quality standards. Viz Reporter turns the situation around.

Working with Viz Reporter

Viz Reporter scans your galleries and presents the media resources currently stored on your phone. There are two ways of capturing content. The first option is to use the native camera application on your iPhone to take photos, record audio and video and browse for files. The second option is to use Viz Reporter.

With Viz reporter you can also easily:

  • Record audio from within the Viz Reporter application
  • Compress video

  • View selected media

  • Add metadata to the report

  • Transfer content

  • Live stream

For screenshots and more information about working with Viz Reporter see the support section here.

The Viz Reporter solution

The Viz Reporter solution provides the customer with a fully integrated solution, from video recording on the mobile phone, playback on the back-end server, and design of an optimal process to monetizing this content and using it in news production.

Users can browse the mobile phone’s file system for multimedia content; editing tools enable them to trim videos recorded with the camera; stories can be created, geo-tagged and descriptive metadata can be added to the media. Afterwards the content can be uploaded in full quality via the mobile net or a WiFi network.

Once content is available on the Viz One, it can be prepared for online publishing, be archived for future purposes, or be exported to other workflows.

The Viz Reporter client application is supported on a wide range of Java enabled mobile phones as well as Blackberries. The latest release also runs on Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Live Streaming from your mobile

With Viz Reporter you can stream high quality live video directly from your mobile phone into a central workflow for live usage, post processing, or for instant publishing directly online.

The mobile phone application actively uses the phone’s camera to capture live content, stream the live video to Viz One. Once the connection between the Viz Reporter client and Viz One is established, the content can with minimum delay be available in your workflow, transcoded and published for online streaming or forwarded directly to other workflows. These processes may be rule-based or manually operated, depending on the setup on Viz One.

Typical usage of the Live Reporter is for News Reporters to capture breaking news on the fly.

Submitting Content through WAP/XHTML

It is also possible to upload content directly from the native browser of the mobile phone. Selected folders are accessible from the browser for upload through a WAP/XHTML page where multimedia content can be included and uploaded to the central workflow. In this scenario, file size limitations might apply for the submitted content.

These restrictions depend on the configuration of phone and network by the operator. With the WAP Reporter any mobile internet site can encourage mobile content contribution.

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