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Around the clock system security

Viz Secure™ is a premium system-support product tailored for both basic as well as complex Vizrt environments. It can monitor both on-air and content preparation systems, provides continuous visual status updates, reports failures, suggests remedial and preventative actions, and logs every system event, enabling statistical and trend monitoring.

Broadcasters share a need for the highest level of system availability, especially for their on-air program streams. Most equipment is replicated and multiple individual components need to work together. Complex software systems can be difficult to diagnose and need levels of engineering expertise that may not be available around the clock.

Viz Secure monitors these systems and continuously transmits data back to a control hub. From there, alarms, exception reports, diagnosis tools and software-restart capabilities provide engineering teams with all the tools necessary to maintain on-air reliability.

Key features

  • Maintain Vizrt system health
  • Proactive diagnosis
  • Remedial action information
  • Scalable configurations
  • Remote maintenance
  • Secure data transfer
  • Statistical packages
  • Trend analyses
  • Easy to install
  • Low overhead
  • Monitor from single UI
  • Can be slave application to other systems

Real-time monitoring and exception reporting at component level

Viz Secure monitors individual system components, enabling better diagnosis and quicker, more effective responses from the engineering team. By monitoring the internals of the Vizrt application, Viz Secure can highlight potential problems before they impact on-air performance

Diagnosis and remedial action information

In many cases, a problem solution requires a software application to be restarted. Subject to the site security policies remote application restarts enable specialist off-site engineers to reset a system. This is especially useful when shift engineers do not have the expertise required to deal with an issue.

Resilience and recovery from network problems

Because the log data is also cached locally, a network-service interruption does not result in lost information. This can be of particular value when equipment is disconnected as part of normal operation - e.g. equipment in an outside broadcast truck will automatically report back to a hub at the base on re-connection.

Secure, encrypted information transfer

A variety of security mechanisms ensure that Viz Secure logging and control data is not intercepted or tampered with. Clients who need system access from the outside can employ conditional access to protect the integrity of their broadcast network. Passwords protect access to viewing and actions capability.

Range of alarm and notification options

Upon detection of a component failure, a rule set determines the action to be taken. The action can range from an update to a dynamic display to text messages, to audible alarms and emails. Standard reports include time-to-fix, issues by period and by severity, as well as installed software versions.

Statistical reporting to analyze trends

Short term (e.g. memory use) and long term (e.g. database disk occupancy) trends can be analyzed enabling pre-emptive action to keep the system operating at peak efficiency. Data can be exported and used off-site by support providers for off-line analysis.

Premium 3D GUI option

The 3D GUI option uses Viz Engine to display an interactive 3D model of the physical environment showing current equipment status, and providing engineers quicker tools to locate and repair systems. Drill-down access can include touch screen monitors. The GUI can also show images of equipment racks and the internal layout of the computers.

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