Creative and compelling graphic tickers

Viz Ticker is an advanced ticker system that makes it possible to build creative and compelling graphic tickers with total flexibility. With Viz Ticker, multiple graphical elements (both scrolling and flipping) with various speeds can be displayed simultaneously. The elements can include text, animated images, and sound.

Viz Ticker is highly flexible, allowing users to create tickers of live data, animated 3D objects, images, and text. The tickers themselves are 3D objects, and can be designed to scroll around objects, for example a desks in a virtual set or the walls of a real studio.

Key Features

  • Real-time 3D graphics
  • Minimal buffering delay
  • Multiple Clients
  • Open Interface
  • Easy setup
  • Multiple Scrollers
  • Expire settings
  • Shared message pools
  • Unicode language support

Two ticker concepts

Viz Ticker supports two major ticker concepts: scrolling and flipping 3D tickers.

With scrolling tickers, multiple ticker lines can be scrolled over the screen.

The flipping ticker concept makes it possible to flip between pages, as if through a stack of cards. This solution allows for advanced visual transitions between pages, as well as automatically alternating pages with real-time content, such as the stock-exchanges indices.

Data entry

Ticker content can easily be added through the use of templates. Content can be manually entered or auto-retrieved. For example, in breaking news stories or text messaging (SMS/MMS) interactivity, content is manually entered. Election or sports results, news wires, social media, weather or financial data is typically auto-retrieved from external data feeds.

Typical workflow

The ticker creation workflow typically starts with the design of a scene in Viz Artist. The next step is to scan and verify the scene structure in Ticker Wizard, and then to build the logic for the ticker by performing a few quick configurations. The final step in the workflow is to launch Ticker Client and add messages to the carousel. The ticker is then ready to go on-air.

Multiple clients

The solution architecture allows for multiple clients to create and control the live tickers. The Viz Ticker user interface manages all information and task scheduling in a user-friendly manner.

Ticker Wizard and Ticker Client

The Viz Ticker solution consists of two applications. Ticker Wizard is Vizrt’s ticker configuration application. In this system, carousels (scrolling or flipping) are selected, and equipped with templates. Adjustments of the GUI settings in Ticker Client can be defined from this system. The typical user of Ticker Wizard is a graphical artist.

Ticker Client is Vizrt’s ticker client application. In this system, messages (instances of templates) are created, added to the carousel, and sent to air. The typical user of Ticker Client is a journalist or operator.

Advanced features

Viz Ticker distinguishes itself through several noteworthy features. Ticker elements can, for example, trigger events when entering the scrolling ticker. Such an event may be the start of an animation, or the display of pre-defined text or graphic objects positioned anywhere on the screen. Stock price movements can generate up or down markers, voting results can render 3D charts, and so on.

In addition, the system features multi-render support and can be set up to feed several multiple output channels from one message carousel. Multiple clients can control a shared ticker message pool, as well as perform on-air control. Viz Ticker also supports the Look-Ahead Transition Logic to facilitate and simplify visual transitions of multiple tickers on-air simultaneously.

Workflow diagram

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