Graphics Plugin

The Graphics Plugin connects the Vizrt real-time graphics pipeline with existing post-production environments and reduces design and development overheads.

The system 

Instead of recreating existing Vizrt graphics using other design software, a station can now design each graphic once, and use it both live and in their post-production work.

The Graphics Plugin provides fast turn-around times in busy newsrooms, and reduced design and development overheads, for example, when changing a station’s branding.

The workflow

With Viz Pilot, the operator can pick ready-made graphics for a specific story. When using Viz Trio or Graphics Plugin on the Mac, the operator chooses an existing template and inserts text, images and video to create a new graphic which then appears in the timeline.

After choosing a graphic, the operator can move the Graphics Plugin effect around in the video project's timeline and change its duration. All the time, the effects can be edited, from simple spell checking to choosing different pictures or graphics.

When stretching or shortening graphics that contain in and out animations, the integrity of these animations is safe-guarded. The support for variable-length effects means that out-animations are always triggered at the proper time near the end of the effect. The same unaltered graphic can thus be used in NLE effects of e.g. five seconds as well as five minutes.

Advantages and benefits

One of Graphics Plugin’s key advantages is the ability to preserve existing channel branding without additional effort. The same graphics can be used in different scenarios, from a station's video editing projects to live broadcasts.

This is especially useful in near real-time coverage of, for instance, elections and sports events, where the newsroom-oriented workflow of Viz Pilot or the live-system performance of Viz Trio excels. Another important advantage is Graphics Plugin’s unobtrusiveness. As a plug-in within the NLE application, it saves the NLE operator time and effort by extending the power and functionality of the products in Vizrt's graphics pipeline without complicating the workflow with unnecessary details. The workflow is native to the NLE application; Vizrt simply provides the plug-in to include Vizrt graphics.

Graphics Plugin available plug-ins

Graphics Plugin provides a suite of plugins for these NLE applications:

  • Avid NLE systems with AVX2 support: Media Composer, Xpress Pro, NewsCutter
  • Apple FinalCut Pro
  • Easycut
  • Adode Premiere
  • Quantel

Some third-party vendors have developed Graphics Plugin-like functionality in their own software:

  • Harris: Velocity
  • EVS: CleanEdit
  • Sony: XPRI
  • Thomson Grass Valley: Aurora

Vizrt is continuously working on including other NLE applications, and provides the means for third-party companies to develop the same seamless integration of Vizrt graphics into their own NLE suites.

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