Interactive election coverage

We offer you a completely integrated graphics and video workflow, giving you cost efficient tools for your election coverage.

Engage your audience with powerful election tools

Vizrt gives broadcasters the most advanced tools available for live interactive election coverage.

From the newsroom to the studio

Vizrt’s template-based newsroom system gives journalists a powerful video and graphics system within their native newsroom control system. From the template-based interface the journalists easily choose candidates, monitor live data and build a playlist of election graphics and content.

With Vizrt’s interactive data-driven graphics system, the studio presenter is given full control over the election content.

The presenter calls up data from different regions by selecting menus, maps, candidates or graphics, controlling the flow of information provided during the broadcast.

Let the studio presenter interact directly with the graphics on a multi-touch screen or from an iPad. Combine immersive and data-driven graphics in the studio with the latest numbers, projections and results automatically. Display the content as either immersive graphics projected into a physical studio space or on multi touch screens, video walls or other displays.

Key features:

  • Multi-touch screens powered by Viz Engine, a powerful rendering engine and real-time compositor of graphics and video
  • Interactive scenes built in Viz Artist and rendered real-time with Viz Engine
  • Immersive graphics projection and advanced virtual sets with Viz Virtual Studio
  • Social media tracking, editorial and production tools with Vizrt’s Social TV solution
  • Template-based solution for journalists to build and edit content on the fly with Viz Pilot


Download the Vizrt Election solution sheet