A complete 3D real-time weather system

Viz Weather™ is a complete 3D real-time weather system. It features a broad range of advanced visualization possibilities in both HD and SD. Viz Weather integrates with a broad range of weather-data providers and can trigger graphics and animations automatically. An intuitive GUI allows to easily control, switch, and manipulate the data. The solution is fully integrated with Viz World for creation of branded high-quality maps.

Key features

  • Advanced 3D visualization
  • SD & HD Graphics
  • Integrated with Viz World
  • Weather Alerts
  • Standalone configuration
  • Real-time preview
  • Interactive graphics
  • Manual or automated playback
  • Real-time data insertion
  • Weather ticker integration
  • Template-based solution
  • Hurricane tracking display

Integration of live weather data

Viz Weather is a template based solution that allows the integration of live weather data into pre-defined graphic templates.

Viz Weather supports weather information both from Vizrt’s partners and from local providers. Viz Weather supports local real-time weather data with a resolution of less than 1km, providing accurate local forecasts for use in transportation control and large outdoor sports events.

Viz Weather includes an interface to Weather on Demand (WOD) services such as Storm Weather Center, CustomWeather, and other data providers.

The combination of Viz Weather and WOD results in a flexible, online user-selectable weather feed for point forecasts, grid animation data, satellite data, observations and more. The area chosen for the forecast is covered by a global on-demand service, allowing the user to change the area of interest and the 3D animations within seconds. The WOD service allows to go on-air with locally updated weather information anywhere and anytime. This particularly important in time-critical weather conditions such as floodings, hurricanes, sand storms or wildfires.

Sand and dust storms appear on regular basis in regions with dry conditions and scarce vegetation with low ability to bind the soil. Viz Weather can visualize forecasts for these storms with maps and point data as well as provide a risk index. This gives you an excellent tool to show your viewers maps over their region where the potential of the storms are high, medium or low.

Advanced visualization

Viz Weather allows users to change weather-data graphics in seconds. A separation between data and graphics representation allows meteorologists and weather presenters to edit and control the broadcast from a control system on the fly.

Viz Weather graphics are designed using Vizrt’s 3D design application, Viz Artist. Its full range of design, animation and interactivity features is made available to the weather shows.

Using these capabilities, weather shows can utilize touch driven presentations, sound effects and digital-video effects and even the integration of live video.

Realistic weather presentation

Viz Weather supports real-time weather presentation either through point-based symbols or as high-resolution 3D animations.

The unique Particle Generator functionality allows the creation of a visually accurate representation of the forecasted weather development: The shape and movement of clouds can be visualized in 3D and broadcast showing the true speed of the various cloud layers.

Weather data, such as temperature, wind speed and direction, weather symbols, 3D maps, and radar maps are displayed automatically with corresponding graphic elements in real-time, using the pre-made templates.

Severe weather alerts

Vizrt Weather Alerts is the only next generation cost effective alerts solution in the market. The solution allows broadcasters to manage and control the displaying of watches and warnings, overlay satellite and radar, and create a two way communication between the broadcasters and the viewers by integrating social media, all from a single intuitive user interface with no monthly data fees unless required from a 3rd party data provider. The solution is available as both a single-box solution or in an integrated workflow with existing Vizrt systems.

A template-based solution

Being fully based on templates results in an easy to use application and an efficient workflow. The predefined templates allow meteorologists, weather presenters and graphics designers to focus on the weather situation and present it in the best possible way without compromising the consistency with the channel’s branding.

Viz Weather’s template-based approach combined with advanced playlists capabilities allows automated weather shows and the re-use of data for cross platform distribution: with Viz Conductor scheduler weather playlists can be turned into a set of web-ready videos and interactive web-graphics.

Workflow diagram

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