Creating branded maps and geographical animations in no time at all

Viz World is the broadcast industry’s standard for the creation of branded maps and geographic animations. By extending Viz World to a server edition, it can provide real-time, branded map imagery to several clients embedded within Vizrt’s control applications.

Key features

  • Real-time 3D animated maps
  • Template-based workflow
  • Interactive maps
  • Client, server and standalone configurations
  • Street data and live traffic
  • Global map database
  • Multi-language support
  • 3D terrain, elevation & cities
  • 3D model export
  • Integrated satellite imagery
  • 3rd party data supported
  • KML, KMZ and .shp import

Working with templates

The Viz World enables producers, journalists and operators to include maps and geographical information in any graphic template. Viz World is integrated with a wide range of Vizrt products such as Viz Pilot, Viz Trio, Viz Weather, MAM, and online workflows. By editing the map elements, users can automatically change map locations, add animated 3D objects and animated labels; show street and traffic information, display on-demand satellite images of chosen locations, create geographical locators, and design fully animated real-time 3D branded maps.

Comprehensive data packages

Viz World includes a comprehensive database of political boundaries, coastlines, rivers, major roads, named places, and relief topography covering the entire world. In addition, you can use optional data for streets, satellite imagery, topography, and more. Adding data enhances the story telling capabilities of the maps by including local features such as street addresses, points of interest and high-resolution topography. Further enhancements are possible when including live geo-referenced feeds for traffic, elections and weather.

High-resolution satellite imagery

Satellite imagery is available at a variety of resolutions, from 1km resolution for the whole world, up to an incredible 25 - 60cm for the largest cities in the USA and Europe. Viz World automatically geo-references the satellite imagery into the correct position on the m

ap layer, so combining it with the graphical map detail is simple. Color correction can be applied to the satellite imagery, helping the user to achieve the exact style needed. Imagery can be files based or cached directly to Viz World from DigitalGlobe.

DigitalGlobe Online allows Viz World users to download unlimited satellite imagery directly from within Viz World when editing map templates. The satellite imagery varies in resolution from 15m to 45cm per pixel based upon the location.  Downloaded imagery is geo-referenced instantly to the base map in Viz World so it becomes part of the unique style created for the map template.

DigitalGlobe Online has two options:

  • Global Base Map – Access to high resolution satellite and aerial imagery for the entire world.
  • FirstLook – On demand access to fresh imagery taken hours or days after an event happens. Requires subscription to Global Base Map.

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Expand Your Map Making Capabilities

Any of the following options can be added to Viz World to expand its map-making capabilities, both for broadcast use as well as online publication.

  • Street Data - Local and highly detailed street data is available for countries and cities globally. Data is searchable by street name, address, point of interest or intersection. A street data load utility allows easy access to OpenSteetMap (OSM) data for efficient loading.
  • Traffic data - Live traffic from leading providers is integrated in Viz World to give traffic flow information, incidents and other location-based feed information.
  • Relief topography - The relief data included with Viz World originates from the USGS (US Geological Survey) and has a 1km resolution. Higher resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data for large areas is also available, including 90m data for most of the world, and 30m data for all of the USA and some European countries
  • KML/KMZ data - Import custom vector data in .kml and .kmz format from a variety of open source vendors or create your own. The option allows broadcasters to use custom data that is specific for their regional needs.
  • SHP - Import standard .shp files for custom graphics information including government utilities and voting districts. 

Workflow diagram

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