NAB 2017 Viz Opus demo
Journalist-driven production with Viz Opus
Esperanza Spalding case study
Viz Opus for Esperanza Spalding's Facebook Live stream behind the scenes
Introduction to Viz Mosart
Introduction to Viz Opus
Viz Mosart functionality introduction
Multiplatform automation
IP production and playout with Viz Opus
News workflows
Viz Mosart demonstration
IBC 2015: Viz Opus demonstration

Broadcasters of all sizes need to be able to get news and sports information to their viewers reliably and as fast as possible, no matter if it is on-air or through online or mobile devices. Vizrt’s automation systems provide a comprehensive set of tools for producing an error-free live production. Create and manage high-quality graphics and video and then distribute live on-air and to any device with real-time transcoding and graphics adaption to any format.

Key Features

  • Live production automation
  • Integrated video & graphics
  • Software-based solution
  • Real-time transcoding
  • Device-adapted graphics
  • Scalable for any size production
  • Controls all major studio tools
  • Video switcher integration
  • Integration with all major NRCS
  • Multi-studio control

Vizrt’s automation systems offers efficient operations through creation of re-usable and flexible broadcast templates and the ability to have one newsroom or sports script aired anywhere, from any studio at any time. In breaking news situations, operators can make live changes on the fly at any time using advanced shortcut functionalities and efficient rundown modification tools. Complex operations can be performed fast, easy and without errors, and the operator can focus on creating great content.

Case studies


Primetime or 24/7 News Automation

Vizrt's studio automation systems offers complete automation packages for broadcasters producing up to 8 hours of primetime news and broadcasters producing 24/7 news programming. The system takes input from the newsroom computer system and translates it into commands for all connected systems and devices, giving the broadcaster flexibility, speed of response, and cost-effectiveness in news, weather and sports broadcasts. Additional tools for rundown creation, live multiplatform distribution and VOD are available. 

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“TV in a Box” Compact Control Room

Smaller broadcasters and non-traditional broadcasts can take advantage of the Viz Opus compact control room system. It provides a newscast automation system controlling routers, robotic cameras, lights, audio, real-time graphics, and video playout – all in a one-box solution. Viz Opus allows broadcasters to work with all major NRCS systems or build and amend rundowns and rundown elements with the Showmaker rundown editor. The live production can be transcoded in real-time for use online or VOD.

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Multiplatform Automation

Vizrt's unique multiplatform workflow allows the production staff to focus on the live production, while the multiplatform content is generated automatically. Large live productions, such as primetime news and sports 24/7 broadcasts, are transcoded in real-time with custom graphics for use online, while stories are automatically stored with meta-data for VOD.

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Outside Broadcast Automation

The compact control room system Viz Opus, is ideal for any live production in the OB van. It’s small form factor combined with software-based tools allows it to fit into to the OB van taking minimal space. All major components in the van are controlled by the automation system including audio, video playout, router, and graphics. When combined with the Showmaker rundown creation tool, Viz Opus provides everything needed to build a broadcast from scripting to playout. Viz Opus offers flexible control for rapidly changing events such as live sports, giving the operator the ability to control a show on the fly. 

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