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Game shows, eSports events, talk shows, music events, and any live or pre-recorded entertainment program all require high-quality broadcast resources for producing content and visualizing game and audience interaction. Vizrt’s systems include tools for producers, promotions teams, and technical staff in the control room, studio, archive, edit bay, and the in field.

Key features

  • Social audience interaction
  • Virtual sets & augmented reality
  • IP production & delivery
  • Game data visualization
  • Control room automation
  • Outdoor production tools
  • Videowall control
  • Promo production & delivery

Reference cases

Live programs

Productions of all types demand high-quality production tools. Control rooms benefit from an automation system that has a single interface controlling live data-driven graphics, video, studio cameras, audio, and sources, allowing the production staff to focus on content quality. In the studio, virtual sets and immersive graphics are used to illustrate any topic and give the studio space the added flexibility to easily change sets or themes between shows. Interactive video walls provide presenters and show contestants a tactile game experience, while viewers from home can join in through live social media integrations.

The show rundown is edited and managed with Vizrt’s Showmaker rundown creation tool, allowing producers to script text, edit video and graphics templates, and set up automation commands.  All videos are stored in an easy-to-use media asset management (MAM) system while video and graphic content is sent live to online and mobile devices with the best possible resolution created in real-time for every device.

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Outside broadcast

Vizrt’s compact control room system is ideal for any live production in the OB van. Its small form factor – only 2RU – combined with software-based tools that eliminate the need for a large production switcher, allows it to fit into to the OB van taking minimal space. All major components in the van are controlled by the automation system including audio, video playout, router, and graphics. When combined with the Showmaker rundown creation tool, Vizrt provides everything needed to build a broadcast from scripting to playout, giving the operator control for rapidly changing events such as live sports, music events or any other live production.

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Digital signage

Media companies are expanding their brand by delivering custom content to screens in public places or engaging fans in stadiums. Vizrt’s tools allow media companies to deliver custom programming and news loops with a complete automation, graphics and video system. Users control screen content with an interactive multiscreen control system, or automate the playout of content to many screens at once with custom branding and region specific ads.

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Efficient live video playout is required for any live production. Vizrt’s video tools include a server for playing out videos with real-time graphics in any resolution from the same system. Viz Engine is the preferred video and graphics playout solution for some of the world’s biggest 24/7 news channels, as well as for regional TV stations, entertainment programming and live sports. The system is easily controlled using a graphics and video playlist from Vizrt’s character generator or automation systems. 

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Promo production

Producers and designers in the Promo department have access to the same media library and graphics templates as the production teams, allowing them to have design continuity. Editors in their preferred NLE system have access to all the video assets in their media asset management system through integrated Vizrt plugins. The editor is able to retrieve rough cuts from producers made in Viz One’s browser-based interface, and fine tune the edits in thier NLE system. The final project can have graphics added to the timeline and stored as metadata back to the MAM system.

Producers schedule channel branding fullcreens, squeezebacks and tickers to be triggered by the broadcaster’s on-air automation system. Live social media updates are triggered as part of the channel branding automation, adding live social updates to recorded programs.

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eSports event visualization

eSports events require sophisticated graphics displays that accurately show live gamer stats and data. Vizrt's data visualization tools allow data from multiple sources to be displayed in real-time with intuitive graphics. Combined with production tools for augmented reality graphics, video walls, and traditional broadcast graphics and video, Vizrt's eSports tools create an engaging presentation for any event.

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Virtual graphics, videowalls and digital signage

Entertainment media companies need to create a lot of different content with minimal investment. Virtual sets make the most of limited studio space by creating virtual environments that can be easily changed for each show. Immersive graphics provide a unique way of illustrating a certain topic or by giving the hosts and contestants interactive graphics.  Interactive video walls provide presenters and show contestants a tactile game experience or provide a visually compelling background for any show.

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Social media engages audiences by adding a live layer to pre-recorded programming. Vizrt’s social TV tools provide current curated social media comments automatically while a program is on-air. Producers use the Social TV solution to harvest, moderate and create social media related content in the same tools and workflow they would for any other on-air content. Operators in the control room access and control this content in the rundown. Second screen interactions give the audience voting power for live productions and detailed analytics can be visualized providing additional content for the broadcaster.

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