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Audiences are no longer consuming content purely on TV or as articles online; their sources are as varied as the number of social media sites and mobile devices that are available today. At the same time, they still expect a high production value for every platform. Vizrt offers tools for media companies to easily produce and distribute this high-quality content to any platform with automated workflows for video and graphics.

Key features

  • Automatic VOD production
  • IP production & delivery
  • Device-adapted graphics
  • Integrated video & graphics
  • Social audience interaction
  • Social content production
  • Live or automated digital signage control
  • Full compact production solutions

Customer cases


Video on demand

Creating content for video on demand (VOD) services should be fast and easy. With Vizrt’s multiplatform automation workflow, the production staff is able to focus on the live production, while the multiplatform content is generated automatically. Stories played out from Vizrt’s studio automation system are automatically prepared for online and mobile devices with graphics customized for each platform.

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Social media outlets have become a leading source for displaying original content. Vizrt’s multiplatform tools automatically transcode video and overlay graphics in the specific formats needed for each social media platform, such as Facebook autoplay videos with easy-to-read graphics. Moderation tools allow the broadcaster to review and publish tweets on air or online, while analytics visualization tools create content for broadcasters showing graphics with social media user demographics and opinions on any topic. Vizrt’s tools include master control solutions for publishing program information to social media automatically. These can be based on preset rules triggered by conditions such as breaking news, weather alerts, or program changes.

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IP production

IP technology allows media companies to produce in any format for broadcast or online, and use broadcast equipment that only requires standard networking connections. Vizrt’s graphics and video production tools are natively designed for IP video in and out in any format, allowing media companies to produce for on-air while simultaneously sending content online. The low production costs allow broadcasters to create complete productions using IP-only with full control room automation, graphics and video, for secondary channels or online productions.

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