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Introduction to Viz Opus

News production has always been about getting the story out to the audience as quickly as possible. But how do you give the audience high-quality content in a format that is easy to understand and distributed to as many platforms as possible?

Vizrt’s News solutions provide a suite of tools designed to help the journalist create graphics, edit video and build playlists easily, so they can focus on telling the best story. In the studio, screen content and virtual sets with immersive graphics help illustrate the story, while in the control room, automation systems control video and graphic content, making a complex live production simple to execute.

Key features

  • Template-based workflows
  • Desktop graphics & video editing
  • Storytelling with virtual sets & videowall
  • Multiplatform news production
  • Complete MOS workflow
  • Manage video from ingest to on-air
  • Social audience interaction
  • Automated live broadcast control

Case studies


Multiscreen & Studio

Give the presenter in the studio tools to tell stories with greater clarity using virtual sets and immersive graphics. Easily design, manage, and control all graphics and video in the studio including interactive screens and data-driven graphics for elections, finance, sports, and weather.

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Broadcasters need to visualize live election data quickly and accurately while keeping viewers engaged. Virtual sets and immersive graphics bring viewers into the seats of government while maps display results for every location. Vizrt’s template-driven workflow allows the journalist to create custom content for fullscreens, video and tickers, while key election data is automatically updated live. Learn more

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Graphics and Video

Vizrt provides graphics and video tools for every aspect of the broadcast production process including the design department, newsroom, control room, studio, master control and OB van. Live graphics are controlled and displayed in real-time on-air as well as adapted for IP streams for online and mobile devices. Video is managed from every journalist’s desktop and composited with graphics in any resolution for real-time on air playback.

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Many broadcasters today are striving to add more graphics, titles, unique camera moves and effects into a newscast to set it apart from the competition, this adds another level of complexity because the various “events” have to be accurately synchronized. Vizrt’s studio automation systems require just a few keystrokes to create complex broadcasts. Learn more

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Ingest, Archive & Production

Today's broadcasters have vast amounts of assets being managed and generated by staff that must perform many roles at once. Vizrt’s video products give broadcasters tools to easily manage the vast amount of video content throughout the production pipeline including ingest, media management, editing and distribution.

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Show where the news is happening

Give your audience perspective of where global or local events are happening with detailed branded maps. Vizrt's integrated 3D map system incorporates satellite imagery, street data, live election and weather data for the most accurate information. The system integrates with workflows in the newsroom, edit bay, and studio, ensuring high quality maps are available for any production. 

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Weather forecasts

Vizrt’s weather system integrates with a broad range of weather-data providers and can trigger graphics and animations automatically. An intuitive GUI allows for controlling, switching, and manipulating the data. Broadcasters can manage, control, and automate the display of watches and warnings for severe weather - all in an integrated workflow or a one-box solution.

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Social TV

The Vizrt Social TV solution enables broadcasters of all sizes to have access and publish social media content with minimal staff training.  Producers in the newsroom use the Social TV solution to harvest, moderate and create social media related content in the same tools and workflow they would for any other content. Operators in the control room access and control this content in the rundown.

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