The numbers of viewers that consume content online and on mobile devices, instead of on-air, will only continue to grow. Vizrt provides tools for media companies to take an IP first approach to broadcasting. Using IP streaming and automatic device detection and adaption, distribute your content anywhere while simultaneously creating the best possible product on-air.

Device detection

Viz One delivers to both linear playout and multi-platform. Everyone has a mobile device today which creates the need to display graphics in a way that is easily understandable on every device whether full-screen or part of a video. Vizrt has taken on this challenge by using device detection to assign an appropriate scale and design for the graphics without altering the message. This gives the end user the best possible viewing experience from whatever mobile device they are on.

Online and mobile production first

Vizrt allows broadcasters to build an infrastructure that IP streams video and graphics in any format while also producing a SDI signal for on-air use. The IP-based Viz Engine composites graphics and video in formats such as MPEG-2 at 1080i/25, 1080i/29.97, 1080p/30, 720p/50 and others for online, mobile devices and live on-air.

Branding across platforms

On the distribution side, the live broadcast and graphics are all composited live for the screen size and resolution needed for any platform. This not only saves the broadcaster time to air but also opens opportunities to have individual branding and sponsors across platforms without any extra render time needed.

Open platform

Vizrt products are designed to work with today’s top online tools including CCI’s Escenic for content management, CDNs such as Akamai and video players such as Brightcove. Our open platform makes sure that your legacy online publishing tools will be easily integrated with the Vizrt workflow as well as options for future expansion.

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