The Vizrt Social TV solution bridges the gap between social media and TV by offering tools for all departments in the production chain.

Key features

  • Open and expandable
  • Advanced filtering
  • Maintain workflows
  • Centralize content
  • Sync multi-platform distribution
  • Custom visualizations
  • Analytics and metrics support
  • Live polls
  • Support for video and image content
  • Geo-located support
  • Create your own content and sources

Focus on efficiency

The Vizrt Social TV solution is a flexible and easy-to-use platform. It enables broadcasters of all sizes to have access and publish social media content with minimal staff training.  Producers in the newsroom use the Social TV solution to harvest, moderate and create social media related content in the same tools and workflow they would for any other content. Operators in the control room access and control this content in a rundown from Viz Trio or Viz Pilot.

Capture social media

Data can be captured from any social media outlet such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or third party partners. Vizrt Social TV is open and expandable allowing data to be harvested from any source without format restrictions. By centralizing content management, the Social TV solution makes for easy and consistent distribution of content to any platform, including web and mobile.

One-Box solution

The Social TV solution can be integrated with existing Vizrt environments or provided as a one-box solution where data is harvested, moderated and triggered to air with custom graphics in a simple workflow.

Spread your message

Use newsroom control systems or Viz Trio to send breaking news and program updates to Twitter and Facebook during live broadcasts. Viz Multichannel sends breaking news and program information to social media with an automated schedule so your viewers are always kept up-to-date. With editorial, visualization and automation tools, Vizrt is revolutionizing the way social media interacts with the broadcast world.

The Vizrt Social TV components include:

  • Feed streamer - Vizrt’s moderation interface, Ticker playout and content distributor for  Viz Trio CG. Search, edit, select and group social media messages from a variety of sources including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Yahoo Finance and many others. Third party feed integrations with Mass Relevance, Trender,, ExciteM and others are also available if subscribed by the customer.

  • Data Hub - Centralized social media database accessible by Feed Streamer software clients. Data Hub stores social network feeds, election or sports results, news wires, weather or financial data and online or networked databases or XML pages on the Web.

  • Viz Trio – Vizrt’s CG playout control receives content from Feed Streamer and allows operators to playout messages of any kind as lower thirds, side panels or full screens.

  • Viz Engine - Viz Engine real-time 3D/2D graphics rendering software for HD SDI as well as Interactive Display outputs.

  • HP Z420 workstation - Includes NVidia Q4000 graphics card and Matrox DSXLE 3 video board with fill and key HD SDI outputs.

  • Social TV graphics package - Designed by Vizrt Creative Services and includes Ticker crawl, Lower 3rd, Sidebar, Full Screen and Facebook Poll templates. Also, interactive full screen graphics to display producer generated social content directly from an existing single or multi-touch screen. System can do HD SDI or Interactive graphics. Graphics may be modified to station's look.

Designing for the Vizrt Social TV solution

Scene design for the Vizrt Social TV solution is very similar to standard scene design for Viz Trio, where control plugins are used to manage the transfer of data and create scenes. The set of Social TV plugins allows designers to easily read information from the Social TV Solution, allowing automatic formatting of message contents, retrieving Viz Trio or Viz Pilot/MOS playlists, retrieving reports from the DataAnalytics tool, or create a word cloud from xml data. View all the Vizrt Social TV tutorials.

Workflow diagram

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