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Are you planning to build a studio or improving your video and graphics workflows? Stop spending money on proprietary platforms and inefficient workflows. With Viz Engine as your video server, you can play out your videos with real-time graphics from the same system.

Viz Engine is the preferred video server and graphics playout solution for some of the world’s biggest 24/7 news, sports and entertainment channels, regional TV stations, and online media houses.

Viz Engine plays clips out as a DVE and adds graphics during the compositing process. The system is expandable; multiple GPUs can be added, allowing for complex live graphics and video production.


  • High-speed video playback and graphics from the same system
  • Supporting all of today's major IP standards
  • Distribute your content on multiple platforms from the same system
  • Playout growing files without waiting for the transfer process to finish

Live 4K video production

Viz Engine is a reliable playout server for 4K/UHD video. The system uses local storage to playback 4K video using either a SSD-Raid—0, a SanDisk Fusion ioFX or a similar PCI-e disk. Viz Engine supports ProRes, ProRes LT and Mpeg2 I-Frame UHD. If available, Alpha will be played out as well.

Centralized SAN clip playback

For HD clip playback, a SAN can be used for storage and up to 10 clip channels can be used simultaneously per Viz Engine video server. Clips are played from the SAN directly through any Viz Engine, without the need of transferring files. The Viz Engine video server supports all the commonly used codecs including XDCam HD, DVCPro, MPEG 2 I-Frame, ProRes, DNxHD, AVCIntra and many more.

File-based workflow

Viz Engine can be part of a file-based workflow that includes Viz One, Vizrt’s file management system. The combination of Viz One–for fast access to a media library for ingest, search, management, editing and distribution–and the Viz Engine video server gives media companies rapid access to all of their media files so they can be distributed on-air or online immediately with custom branding.


The meta-graphics workflow, which is supported by all of Vizrt’s template-based graphic workflows, allows journalists to add graphics to video in the newsroom from their native newsroom control system. The graphics remain as metadata and can be previewed in Viz One while the video remains clean of graphics until composited on-air through Viz Engine. The Meta-graphics workflow allows the journalist to change graphic content up until the moment the video and graphics are played on air.

Channel in a box

Viz Engine gives anyone doing live production a complete channel in a box solution for displaying live or recorded video content with custom branding. The system includes four simultaneous live in/out and four simultaneous clips players for multichannel and multistream production. Video clips and live feeds are displayed in multiple resolutions and composited with graphics in real-time with no compromised in graphics and video quality.

Channel control

Viz Engine includes four simultaneous output channels that can be controlled independently of each other. Playlists from Viz Multichannel, Viz Trio, Viz Pilot, Viz Multiplay, or third party applications determine the channel each playlist item will be triggered to. In Viz Multichannel, automation systems are able to control individual playlists of clips and graphics that are timed to the broadcasters daily log. For news and sports production, playlists in Viz Trio and Viz Pilot allow video and graphics to be triggered individually in each channel.

Video Playout Tech Specs

Video Outputs

  • Up to 4 HD output channels with key
  • 1 4k / UHD output channel with key

Video Inputs

  • Up to 8 HD input channels
  • 1 4K / UHD Input channel

Mix effects on each playback channel


  • 16 AES / embedded audio channels
  • Dolby-E decoding/encoding


  • VANC and HANC support


  • XDCam HD
  • DVCPro
  • MPEG 2 I-Frame
  • ProRes
  • DNxHD
  • AVCIntra

Media storage

  • SAN support
  • Viz One with cloud storage support
  • Graphics Hub with cloud storage support

Video card

  • Matrox X.mio3
  • Frame synchronizer with audio resampling on the inputs
  • Analog blackburst reference input
  • Automatic video relay bypass

Graphics card

  • NVIDIA Quadro M6000
  • Sufficient to generate simple graphics for channel branding on 4 channels
  • Easily expandable to dedicated cards per Viz Engine for more sophisticated graphics

Viz Engine software

  • Viz Engine 3.8
  • Allows for multiple Viz Engine instances running on a single GPU
  • Recognizes multiple GPUs and scales accordingly
  • Includes API for third-party control

Vizrt Support

  • 24/7 support through phone or email
  • On-site support
  • Access to support portal
  • Remote access to Vizrt systems
  • Vizrt FTP for software updates
  • Viz Secure monitoring
  • Additional professional services
  • On-site training
  • Access to Viz University

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