Viz Trio 2.12

Viz Trio 2.12 is released with new features and bug fixes.

New Features

Main new features:

  • Timeline editing of video elements
  • Improved Viz One integration
  • Improvements in the render video clip window
  • New script events

Various other features:

  • New editor for combo templates
  • Added macro command to launch the feed streamer moderation tool
  • Introduced saving of templates with field linking, default values and settings
  • Improved access to show and template scripts
  • Arm & fire macro commands to play out different elements on different channels simultaneously
  • The media search can incrementally display more hits
  • New macro commands for Viz Gateway configuration
  • Playlists can apply filters on groups as well
  • Configuration for as-run logging of the Media Sequencer
  • The import scene window remembers the last used folder
  • New macro command to clean up all channels of a profile
  • Added license information for included 3rd party components
  • Added last update time for MOS playlists
  • Added command to load a single page on the program and preview channel: "show:load_on_renderers"

Functionality Removed or Changed

  • Removed Viz One configuration and status as it has been superseded by Viz One


This release has been tested to work with:

  • Media Sequencer 1.23
  • Viz Engine 3.6
  • Viz One 5.4
  • Viz Frame Server 3.0 (required for preview of overlay graphics in videos)

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation

  • For full details, installation notes and known issues, read the Viz Trio 2.12 Release Notes .
  • Download installation files from the ftp in /products/VizTrio/LatestVersion folder.
  • For documentation, visit our Documentation Center.
  • For a quick-tour of the major new Viz Trio 2.12 features, see the related videos below.