Viz Libero 5.5.1 Release

Viz Libero 5.5.1 – formerly known as Libero Highlight – is a maintenance update of the world’s most advanced sports analysis software.

This is a maintenance release containing various bug fixes: 

Video Acquisition 

  • Fixed issue with fields being recorded wrong in recorder/file projects 

Color Model 

  • Fixed keying not updated in all cases when user hits [u] key


  • Fixed dark border rendering around players
  • Fixed annotations not rendered in 2D mode if no 2D Color Model existed

Panorama Stitch

  • Panorama stitch was not always correctly applied to the environment


  • Virtual Run editing improvements
    • Intro duration was too long (1 frame) 
    • Annotation was created even if no object was clicked 
    • Editing the end point was snapping to objects 
  • Virtual Run could lose brushes in some cases
  • Virtual Run could cause a crash in rare cases 
  • Fixed rare crash with distance and speed measurements 

Virtual SloMo 

  • Fixed rare crash during Virtual SloMo data creation over a flight with virtual views

Viz Engine integration 

  • Extended support for various annotations 
  • Fixed MSE Playout control user interaction issue with Return key 


  • Baseball: Fixed default Environment parameters 
  • Fixed crash when clicking in an empty timeline row while holding the shift key or clicking in an empty row on the left side of the timeline 
  • Added verbose logging statements for production integration debugging 

Installation Notes for Windows7/x64 

Updating to Viz Libero 5.5.1 on Win7/x64 systems requires the following items to be installed in the given order: 

     1.   Viz Libero 5.5.1 installation file 

All required software components will be made available by Vizrt as .msi Files. 

Project compatibility 

With Viz Libero 5.5.1 it is possible to open and play back projects that were created using Libero Highlight 4.5  and later. However, editing such projects might lead to corrupt clips.

Projects that are created using Viz Libero 5.5.0 and later can’t be opened using Libero Highlight (any version).