LiberoVision Major Updates and Product Launch

LiberoVision 4.0 is a major release. This version is recommended for all users running LiberoVision software and all for new installations. The release includes Libero Highlight, Libero Offside and the launch of Libero Playbook.

LiberoVision Major Updates and Libero Playbook Launch

LiberoVision has released major updates to is products Libero Highlight and Libero Offside and has launched Libero Playbook as a completely new product. The updates are recommended to all users running LiberoVision software and will be part of all upcoming new installations. The update includes Libero Highlight 4.0, Libero Offside 2.0, and Libero Playbook 1.0 – a fast turn-around analysis tool for in-game replays including the realistic camera transitions of LiberoVision.


Highlight 4.0.0

New Features

  • Redesign of user interface and improved usability.
  • Significantly reduced turn-around time. Especially for tracked telestration only clips (so called 2D+).
  • No video acquisition required for remote productions using EVS or one-camera sequences.
  • Added advertisement tool to place advertisements on the field.
  • Added customizability of player name labels.
  • Added 3D arrow annotation tool
  • Added triangle tool
  • (inline user guide)
  • Improved camera calibration tracking processing.
  • Simplified object cutout for single objects (double click).
  • Simplified creation of 3D flights. (Automatic flight creation and export)
  • Improved quality of automatic 3D flights.
  • Deferred video acquisition possible.
  • Improved handling of clip synchronization.
  • Improved camera calibration detection for football.
  • Added camera calibration detection for American Football.
  • Added support for Bluefish Supernova.
  • Improved handling of player naming.
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts
  • Support for LTC timecode


Fixed Issues compared to Libero Highlight 3.5

  • Fixed issue with slowing down in color model module in large projects


Offside 2.0.0

New Features

  • Redesign of user interface and improved usability.
  • Improved prepare mode.
  • Improved camera calibration detection.
  • Fast processing for resolving offside situations without a 3D flight.
  • Editing of intermediate steps to immediately improve quality of result.
  • Improved quality of automatic 3D flights.
  • (inline user guide)


Fixed Issues compared to Libero Offside 1.1

  • none 


Playbook 1.0.0


  • First release of fast-turnaround remote production tool
  • Allows for concise analysis clips including camera-camera flights within 60 seconds
  • Stream-lined for fast processing
  • Requires isolated and synchronized camera feeds on an EVS - usually only available in a remote production
  • Provides standard annotation tools, including player move


Libero System 4.x

New Features

  • Possibility to upload player label PNG from license dongle  and configure appearance in products supporting player labels.
  • Improved system information sent for program crashes
  • Added backup and restore functionality


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue with clean-up of Recorder projects


Customers will have access to the update(s) from their LiberoVision sales representative.