Libero Highlight 4.5

LiberoVision 4.5 is a minor release. This version is recommended for all users running LiberoVision software and all for new installations.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Edit properties of annotations in Playlists
    • Color for all
    • Thickness for lines
    • Height of Vision Cone
    • Radius of Player Markings
  • Improved Playlist import
    • Unrestricted import of Playlists into other Playlists, including selection of partial elements for import.
  • Interactive Editing of the size, shape, and position of Recorded Annotations
  • Highlight selected drawing in video frame
  • Setting IN, OUT of annotations during flight and pauses
  • Recorder of Recordings
    • Recording of new elements into an existing annotation recording to extend it
  • Flight in Timeline: A 3D camera transition is now properly integrated into the timeline
  • Added Calibration Detection for Rugby
  • Help integration: Press F1 to display HTML help (needs separate installation)
  • Calibration Database creation speedup
  • Support for Contour Design Shuttle Pro


Resolved Issues

Compared to Libero Highlight 4.1.2

  • Text in Combo Boxes: In Combo Boxes the selected text was unreadable.
  • Delete Track button: The button to remove a track did not work and was removed from the GUI.


Installation Requirements

  • The update to Libero Highlight 4.5 requires
    • An installation of Libero Highlight 4.x
    • A Libero Core system 1.1.