Libero Playbook 1.5

Libero Playbook 1.5 is a minor release. The update of Libero Playbook provides two new sports and many valuable features that improve in-game usage and turn-around time. It is possible to record playlists with annotations for direct play-out on air and more.

New Features and Enhancements

  • New sports: Football and Basketball
  • Clip playback including prepared annotations
  • Possibility to easily post-process scenes in Libero Highlight
  • Annotation recording including editing and extending functionality
  • Full support for any camera feed from the EVS network
  • Improved automatic flight creation with player focus
  • Calibration database creation speedup
  • Online help integration: Press F1 to display HTML help (needs separate installation of help files)

Important Notes

  • The update to Libero Playbook 1.5 requires a Libero Core system 1.1.x installation

Contact Information

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