Libero Highlight 5.0

Libero Highlight 5.0 is a major release.

New Features and Improvements


  • New Annotations:
    • Virtual Run animation feature
    • Greyboard effect
    • Dotted lines
    • Magnifier tracking
    • 3D offside blade
    • Added language support for player labels
  • New Features:
    • More flexibility in virtual views using Panorama Stitches
    • Added functionality to operate standalone Telestrator from an iPad
    • Added functionality to export clips including meta data (such as the new Vizrt Export points) to the Vizrt platform products
    • Added calibration detection for Basketball
    • Added inline video recorder for setups without EVS
    • Added player name management per team
  • Improvements:
    • Improved rendering quality for more realistic virtual views
    • Added automatic calibration detection and tracking when creating new tracks
    • Enhanced graphics editor for annotation playlists and recordings
    • Non-synchronized EVS are not required to be acquired anymore
    • Re-added camera and virtual view naming
    • Added playlist selection to inline Telestrator
  • Speed-ups:
    • Fast turn-around clip creation and pre-game preparation using the immediate processing featureRemoved requirement to acquire Clips based on multilateral EVS sources
    • Improved manual calibration refinement interaction
    • Speed-up of 3D Flight module loading
    • Speed-up of calibration detection


Installation Requirements


  • The update to Libero Highlight 5.0 requires:
    • An installation of Libero Highlight 4.x
    • A Libero Core system 1.1.


Additional Information