Viz World 13.0

Version 13.0 of Viz World and Viz World Classic is a major release. Installation is recommended for new users and users who want to upgrade using the new database and other new features.

Version 13.0 introduces a new database from Collins Bartholomew and a range of other new features. Note that this release also comes with a re-branded version of Viz Curious Maps which has been named Viz World Classic.

New Features

Viz World

  • Viz World Server is now available as a 64-bit version.

  • New database from Collins Bartholomew.

  • Map Designer client for editing Viz world classic templates using Viz Artist only.

  • The Label&Go plugin has become official and comes with many new features.

  • The Region2Tex plugin enables you to add textures as shadow effects for regions.

  • Viz World Server now supports Web Map Service (WMS).

  • The Atlas plugin now supports Web Map Service (WMS).

  • Major improvements are made on map fetch and scene load time.

Viz World Classic

  • Viz World Classic is now available as a 64-bit version.

  • Support for VMF (Viz Media Foundation) has been added, extending the clip renderer library.

Important Notes

For full details, read the Viz World Client and Server 13.0 Release Notes and Viz World Classic 13.0 Release Notes .

For documentation, see our online documentation for Viz World and Viz World Classic. For tutorial videos, see our tutorial section.

Download installers from the FTP:

  • Installers
    • /products/VizCuriousMaps/
    • /products/VizWorldServerAndClient/
  • Documentation
    • /products/Vizrt Documentation/VizCuriousMaps/
    • /products/Vizrt Documentation/VizWorldServerAndClient/