Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.5.4 Maintenance Release

Vizrt are pleased to announce the release of Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.5.4. This is a maintenance release and is recommended for users to upgrade from Viz Engine and/or Viz Artist 3.x, and for new installations.


  • The texture memory usage is now retrieved from the graphics card via OpenGL. This way the numbers are more correct than by calculating the texture usage in the engine itself. For example, it respects the unloading of textures that is done by the graphics driver itself. Set the configuration flag TextureSizeFromOpenGL to 1 to reactivate the old behavior (have the engine calculate the used texture memory).

  • Shared memory synchronization can now be done via UDP instead of commands. This improves the performance of this operation considerably. Use command VIZ_COMMUNICATION SYNCHRONIZE_UDP to trigger the transfer.

  • Allow to turn off NVidia SDI audio output via configuration flag EmbeddedAudioOutputDevice

  • Apply defocus parameter via remote camera. Use configuration flag external_defocus_params to specify which parameters can be controlled via remote camera.

  • Support for NVidia Quadro K600, K2000, K4000, and K5000 graphics cards.

  • Information in the console when the first rendered frame is transferred to the video card. This should help to detect video card driver issues when the engine gets stuck at that point.

  • The log output contains client IP address for each command.

Fixed Issues

  • Updated DVS Centaurus and Atomix driver to because of artifacts in the key with new Atomix HDMI boards.

  • ControlParameter cut off white spaces for text parameters

  • The maximum texture memory was not reported correctly for graphics cards with more than 2GB of memory.

  • Container scripts with references to the shared memory map ( were not compiled when a merged geometry was created from the scene.

  • When creating a snapshot with a video version and activated clip player, the current frame of the clip was painted as background in rare cases.

  • The DirectShow clip player skipped frames due to a rounding issue in the Stage.

  • In rare cases the Matrox clip player scrubbed back and forth after playing a clip.

  • Two semicolons right after each other in an action script could cause a crash.

  • Resizing renderer window could result in bad preview icons.

  • Potential crash when importing huge FBX models.

  • Reverted a fix (3052), because it could affect the order of directors in the stage. A workaround for the old problem is to split and merge the merged geometry that causes the problem.

  • Crash when using DateTime with hours greater than 23 in a script.

  • Vertical text alignment not correct with special characters.

  • Crash when closing a scene after dragging an image from the search window and while pressing the Ctrl key dropping it on a container.

  • Quicktime Animation with Alpha could not be played with the Matrox clip player when UseQuicktimeReader was enabled in the configuration. When UseQuicktimeReader is enabled, the Quicktime player installed on the system is used for decoding Quicktime clips, rather than the built-in decoder of the Matrox driver.

  • Closing a scene while the DirectShow clip player still plays a clip could freeze the engine in rare cases. The DirectShow player is available when no Matrox hardware is used.

  • Status bits for embedded audio via NVidia SDI card were not set correctly.

  • Shared memory map synchronization could produce corrupt values on receiving engines due to a deserialization issue.

  • Special characters were displayed as character code in the Description column in the Control view.

  • Improved system counter for video walls.

  • Crash when unloading MatroxFileWriter.

  • Snapshots smaller than the output resolution were corrupted when the SD HQ mode was enabled.

  • ControlMaterial reset the container material when an invalid location was specified, but it should rather keep the previous material.

  • When switching from one remote camera to another, the zoom parameter for the newly active camera was updated one field too late.

  • Workaround for possible driver crash "NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver and is unable to continue. The application must close." with NVidia drivers 275.xx and later.

  • Workaround for crash of NVidia driver 310.90 in conjunction with a Matrox X.Mio2 cards.

  • Allow turning off the inheritance of Mask Source for sub containers (engine 2.x compatibility).

  • Could not add keyframe exactly at director offset, because of an alignment issue.

  • Inheritance of mask source plug-in to sub containers could not be disabled and therefore it was not possible to make it behave as engine 2.x. Now the inheritance is disabled when a scene was imported from engine 2.x. Graphic Hub Manager 4.3.0 is required for the import.

  • Possible crash when selecting an old post-render template when a post-render plug-in had got new parameters.

  • Green flickering in the live input when activating a clip channel. This only affected Bluefish444 Epoch.

  • Vertical bottom text alignment was not correct for more than one line of text.

  • A container script with a cyclic dependency via scene script could crash when the scene script was decompiled.

  • Defocus / Depth of Field shader did not work in conjunction with lens distortion compensation.

  • Lens distortion did not work in Field mode with HD interlaced format.

  • CONTINUE_IGNORE_NEXT_STOP did not actually ignore the next stop point.

  • The clip player UDP feedback did not take the FIFO size of the clip player into account. The end of the clip was reported too early.

Important Notes

  • When using a Matrox video card, uninstall old drivers before installing, and only install the driver from a local disk. Get the driver here: Drivers/Matrox/Xmio/7.5.2-1448(release)/. The engine still works with older 7.5.2 drivers, but solves an embedded audio issue, and it allows switching between driver 7.5.2 (engine 3.3 and 3.5) and driver 9.2 without rebooting the machine.

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation