Graphic Hub 2.3.1

Graphic Hub version 2.3.1 is a maintenance release.

We are pleased to announce the release of Graphic Hub 2.3.1 together with Graphic Hub Manager 4.2.0 and Graphic Hub Deploy 1.3.1.



  • Robustness of all Graphic Hub client applications after fail-over.
  • Restarting the Graphic Hub cluster after each fail-over situation is not required anymore.
  • Graphic Hub Deploy agent configuration: New preferences for specifying timeouts related to connections to Graphic Hubs have been added.
  • Graphic Hub Manager preferences: A new section Timeouts has been added for specifying database connection timeouts. With this change also the order of the pages within General has changed.
  • New Graphic Hub Deploy agent expert setting: Use original DDC (Direct Deploy Copy) behavior for non-real-time tasks. That makes the deploy agent behave like the Viz GH Manager - target folders are rather newly created than linked to existing ones with the same UUID.
  • Performance improvements for real-time tasks on initialization of server content and startup copying.
  • Certified for Windows Server 2008R2 (although not running as service)

Additional Information