Graphic Hub 2.3.2

Graphic Hub version 2.3.2 is a maintenance release.

We are pleased to announce the release of Graphic Hub 2.3.2 together with Graphic Hub Terminal 2.6.0, Graphic Hub Manager 4.3.0 and Graphic Hub Deploy 1.4.0. This version is recommended for users running Viz Engine and Viz Artist 3.x, or for new installations.


Graphic Hub

  • Major performance improvements shown by faster search results.
  • Major performance improvements shown with faster transfer of thumbnails from Server to Client.
  • New, configurable, Switchback-Waiting-Time on the Main and Replication server.
  • Incomplete stored files are now automatically restored.

Graphic Hub Deploy Agent

  • Removed the automatic switch between “Original DDC behavior” and Standard Mode for search based and real-time tasks.
  • File based tasks with “Copy to target folder only” in Standard Mode, are now supported.

Graphic Hub Manager

  • Management of Users and Groups has been completely redesigned.
  • The “Running deploy tasks” view has new columns that show the progress of the currently copied file.
  • Organize Add-Ons into groups with the new Create Add-on group function.

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation

Download installation files from the FTP in /products/VizGraphicHub/LatestIndividualInstallers folder.

For documentation, visit our Documentation Center.

For full details, installation notes and known issues, read the following release notes: