Viz Trio 2.11.1

Viz Trio 2.11.1 is a maintenance release and it is recommended as an update to Viz Trio 2.11 as well as for new installations.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed VOS search when using theViz Pilotpicture database settings.
  • Fixed the opening of the incorrect tabfield editor for ControlNum when using recent Viz versions.
  • Fixed missing thumbnails of videos with overlay graphics.
  • Fixed that hidden empty groups in MOS playlist stay hidden when an element gets added below them.
  • Fixed a crash when reading a video and theViz Oneserver was unreachable.
  • Fixed that the take out button doesn’t regard the playlist concept when the current page is a playlist item.
  • Fixed that pressing the “Artist” button opens a useless Viz Engine window when there is no Viz Artist license available.
  • Fixed that the selection of an element in a playlist jumps to the top if new elements get added e.g. from a news room system.
  • Removed concept/variant warnings for transition logic elements in a playlist.
  • Keep the auto-centered position in a playlist even if the playlist changes.
  • and more…

Note: For a complete overview of fixed issues, please see the release notes.

Functionality Removed or Changed

  • Removed playing of stand-alone videos in the tool tip of the playlist as this was very unstable. (TRIO-1533)

Important Installation Notes

This release has been tested to work with:

  • Media Sequencer 1.22.1
  • Viz Engine 3.1 and 3.5.2
  • Viz One 5.3.1


Installation Files, Notes and Documentation