Viz Multichannel 2.6.1

Viz Multichannel is a maintenance release. This version is recommended for users running version 2.5.x and all new installations.

It is recommended that you install Media Sequencer 1.21 for this version.

Main New Features

  • Added ability for user to define an import window in time for partial current import of playlist (MCP-1882)
  • Added Webhelp and ability to access the documentation from inside Multichannel by pressing F1 for Help (MCP-2087)
  • Added support to handle partial read of date-strings, ex. only read specified YYYY-MM-DD even if the field contains trailing info (MCP-2039)
  • Added ability to map import settings directly towards 'MCP_NAME' (MCP-2024)
  • Added a shortcut to Playlist Collector during installation (MCP-2029)
  • Two shortcuts are now created during install, Scheduling mode and MCR mode (MCP-2012)
  • Added 'Lock Events from MSE Time' functionality (MCP-1728)
  • Allow import of RCV files (MCP-1749)
  • Now allow multiple secondary events with same offset if zero duration or TL based on a different layer or other Viz layer (MCP-1004)
  • Added preview host setting (MCP-913)
  • Added "Take", "Continue" and "Take Out" for elements in Favorites pane (MCP-1606)
  • Added option to define if given date is the broadcast-date or actual date, for playlist split calculation (MCP-1449)
  • Added option to PLC to check updates against cache or not (MCP-1389)
  • Ability to set 'Cleared played events' to hh:mm (MCP-1142)
  • Added ability to map to secondary events fields (MCP-814)
  • Fields mapping extended to support assigning fields by order rather than expect name/value pairs (MCP-1118)
  • Better 'As Run'-logging (MCP-786, MCP-1448)
  • AX is now included in installer (MCP-1091)

Fixed Issues

  • Adjust Default DataBaseServer name in MuC configuration dialog to correct value (MCP-2091)
  • MuC's commit-charge increases with each remote playlist update of selected playlist while in MCR mode (MCP-2088)
  • System suffers OS exception "An operation on a socket could not be performed because the system lacked sufficient buffer space or because a queue was full" (MCP-1738)
  • Switching between channels with lots of Template elements take too long time (MCP-2101)
  • Add more Unicode support (MCP-2137)
  • Use Unicode safe version of OpenDialog and SaveDialog (MCP-2134)
  • Importing and viewing playlists contains references templates takes a long time (MCP-2283, MCP-2285)
  • Import playlist successfully but imported file's extension changed to .fail instead of .done (MCP-2318)
  • Update MuC icons (MCP-2179)
  • If no VideoHub is defined and client loses MSE connecting in MCR mode the UI will not be properly restored after reconnecting to MSE (MCP-2337)
  • Import process fail if Filedate and Begin Time is blank for any primary event (MCP-2305)
  • After starting and stopping the PLC polling action it doesn't allow editing of channels (MCP-2307)
  • PLC doesn't fully shut down until the interval delay has passed (MCP-2306)
  • MuC show '??????' instead of Unicode characters when import type is "Any Xml" (MCP-2299)
  • Viz Connection going down should not result in Eureka callstack (MCP-1940)
  • Exception when working in MCR mode and clicking the viz connection label before selecting any channel (MCP-1681)
  • Video playback in a template doesn't play sometimes (MCP-1986)
  • Revert incomplete support for new video format on 2.6 branch (MCP-2183)
  • Access Violation in actPasteItemsUpdate during shutdown (MCP-2132)
  • Adding a playlist without selecting a channel raises an exception (MCP-2145)

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation

For full details, installation notes and known issues, read the Viz Multichannel 2.6.1 Release Notes.html .

Download installation files from the FTP in /products/VizMultichannel folder.

For documentation, visit our Documentation Center.