Viz Trio 2.11.2

Version 2.11.2 is a maintenance release and it is recommended as an update to Viz Trio 2.11 as well as for new installations.

Viz Trio 2.11.2 is a maintenance release and it is recommended as an update to Viz Trio 2.11 as well as for new installations.

Functionality removed or changed

  • Added a new column in the page list which shows the time of the last modification of each page.
  • Added a default filter for playlists.
  • Added a command page:change_thumbnail_uri to change the thumbnail of a page in the page list.
  • Pressing HOME or END when the video slider has the focus jumps to mark-in and mark-out instead of the beginning and end of the timeline.
  • Enabled editing of begin time, end time and loop if a playlist group is a carousel group.
  • Called the script events OnBeforeSave and OnSave also when dropping media search items into the page list.
  • Extended playlist related logging on default log-level 5.
  • Re-added the change template function on the page list which has been removed before.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed filter application when filtering a playlist for category or sub-category.
  • Fixed a crash when pressing BACKSPACE in the configuration dialog.
  • Changed the way playlist elements use custom channels of their original elements to behave like in Viz Trio 2.10.
  • Fixed switching the variant of a transition logic page when single layer transition logic preview is enabled.
  • Fixed that the command page:change_description didn't work when it got used in an OnRead script event.
  • Improved displaying and editing of duration in the playlist.
  • Fixed a crash when adding an ease point to a scroller and pressing the TAB key.
  • Fixed that adding and removing an ease point sometimes failed.
  • Fixed that editing something in the playlist first got saved when selecting another playlist entry.
  • Fixed playout of composite videos from the playlist.
  • Fixed preview of video tab-field properties from a MOS rundown.
  • Fixed that a MOS playlist element might have a wrong channel displayed in red.
  • Fixed a display issue in the page list with many pages.
  • Fixed a crash when importing a show archive which overwrites existing templates.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping several collapsed groups in the page list might unwrap a groups content.
  • Fixed that searching in the playlist didn't scroll to the first search hit.
  • Fixed that custom channels on MOS playlists weren't regarded.
  • Fixed that the command show:reload_on_renderers in some special cases messed up the preload field of some Toggle plug-ins.
  • Fixed a rare crash when sorting a playlist column.
  • Fixed that the page list doesn't regard the select next element setting.

Viz Trio 2.11.2 has been tested with:

  • Media Sequencer 1.22 and later
  • Viz Engine 3.5.3
  • Viz One 5.3

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation