Viz World and Viz Curious Maps 12.1

Version 12.1 of Viz World Client and Server and Viz Curious Maps is a minor feature release. Installation is recommended for new users and users who want to upgrade using the new features.

Version 12.1 is a minor feature release and consists of the following new features and fixed issues:

New Features

Viz World

  • Open Street Map downloader for simple downloading of OSM data (attribution required)
  • New plugin 3D Models supports Collada geo referenced models (3D Warehouse - Sketch Up - Google)
  • Major improvements on the Atlas plugin (history + improved performance)
  • New Related option for NavFade plugin allows you to control multiple containers
  • Focus on map plugin now supports container navigation, and not just navigation by camera
  • Non geo-referenced 3D Region objects can now be geo-referenced

Viz Curious Maps

  • Option to override automatic proxy settings
  • New option for Digital Globe license with attribution

Important Notes

For full details, read the Viz World Client 12.1 Release Notes and the Viz Curious Maps 12.1 Release Notes .

For documentation, see our online documentation for Viz World and Viz Curious Maps. For tutorial videos, see our tutorial section.

Download installers from the FTP:

  • Installers
    • /products/VizCuriousMaps/
    • /products/VizWorldServerAndClient/
  • Documentation
    • /products/Vizrt Documentation/VizCuriousMaps/
    • /products/Vizrt Documentation/VizWorldServerAndClient/