Viz Ardome 4.12

Viz Ardome 4.12 is a minor release.

New Options and Upgrades


  • Viz Ardome Third party API 4.13
  • Viz Capture 4.7
  • Avid Assistant 1.4
  • Viz Dart3 7.2
  • Easycut 4.11
  • Logger 4.9
  • Importer 1.6
  • Precut 4.12
  • Viz StenoPlayer 1.2
  • Viz Xlator 2.3

Key Features and Fixed Issues

Asset and Metadata Management

  • General search improvements; including search result display separation, sub-item title text color, and improvements in the search re-indexing

  • Advanced search query builder

  • Additional manage media filters, which can be customized by configuration

  • Improved multi client support by adding a client attribute to the datamodel and service definitions. This allows the system to control where an asset should be physically stored based on the client attribute.

  • Ability to specify an import service as a data service, which means that all material on this service is to be treated as data (no proxy is transcoded etc) and just stored.


  • PDF report generated by HFPA-X FPA scanner (Flash Pattern Analyzer) can be stored, archived and opened from item page

NLE Integration

  • Improvements in integration with Avid Interplay, such as:

    • Avid Assistant Metadata window to pre-populate with metadata from Avid master clip when exporting to Viz Ardome

    • In a conformed project, add Locators and Restrictions found on sources originating from Viz Ardome, and to the resulting item as well

    • Configurable Options AGL in Destination Wizard (not Viz Ardex) and Viz Connect