Video Wall 2.7.0

Video Wall version 2.7.0 is a minor release update. It is recommended for users who require the new features, or for new installations.

New Features:

  • Performance debugging and analysis tab. Option to see centralized performance graphs for all Engines and jump to next/previous problem point.
  • LED indications for G-Sync synchronization problems and performance problems.
  • Option for sending external commands to a single or all Viz Engine machine(s).
  • Stereo mode as a wall type option: first computer is assumed to be LEFT-EYE, second computer is RIGHT-EYE.
  • Added Aspect-Ratio setting affecting all Viz Engines (Read about the related compatibility issue).
  • Simplified setup using single Keyboard/Mouse; Synergy configuration file is automatically generated according to Video Wall defined layout.
  • Add ExpressUdp mode for sending fast UDP messages with no delay. Note that this mode is not yet official and can only be enabled in the ini file.

Compatibility issues

  • Aspect ratio now being sent from Videowall Control to all Viz Engines. Users must verify this is set to a correct value in the GUI.
  • Cylinder wall type users: change meaning of aspect value: By mistake this value was X/Y. The standard in Viz in Y/X which changed default to 1.3333 (instead of 0.75).

For full details read the VW 2.7.0 Release Notes.pdf

Download version and related installers from the ftp at /products/VizVideowall/

An updated Viz Video Wall User's guide, documenting the new features, will be published shortly.