Viz Artist and Viz Engine 3.5.2

We are pleased to announce the release of Viz Artist / Viz Engine 3.5.2. This release is a maintenance release and is recommended for users upgrading from Viz Engine and/or Viz Artist 3.x and for new installations.


  • Matrox clip playback is made more efficient as we are now able to decode clip frames in advance.

  • Improved robustness of Viz Engine in case of  a Viz Graphics Hub fail-over situation.

Fixed Issues

  • Potential retrace counter overrun no longer produce green input textures with Matrox video card.

  • Dynamic scenes are now rendered correctly when the same scene is used in multiple layers (self-layer scene).

  • DirectShow clip player now loops correctly (regression in Viz Engine 3.5.1).

  • DirectSound output now works with NVidia SDI 1 cards (regression in Viz Engine 3.5.1) .

  • Clip channel flags (speed, loop mode, upscale luma, reverse fields) is now passed to the clip player when a scene is preloaded.

  • Fixed a possible crash when saving a new scene with camera setting Window.

  • Show Black After End flag for clip playback in the stage now works.

  • Fixed those rare cases where textures were unnecessarily reloaded by a few plugins (BumpMap, ChromaKeyer, FilterBlendImage, ImageMask, LEDPanel, SimpleBumpMap, WaterShader), causing jittering during playback.

  • Fixed those rare cases where SoftClip caused a too high CPU usage.

  • Fixed a crash in AVI post render plugin when FullInterlacedBottom was selected and the output format was 1080i with render mode set to Field.

  • Fixed issues where timecode was not passing through with DVE input, unless the input had been switched to texture mode once.

  • Shared memory updates via Viz Graphics Hub now works after a database fail-over and for switch back to the main server.

  • DirectShow clip player no longer shows default images (Video3, Video4) before and after a clip is played. Now it shows a transparent frame when no clip is played. This issue could affect video output and NLE.

Important Notes

  • When using a Matrox video card, uninstall old drivers before installing driver, and only install the driver from a local disk. The driver is available from here.

  • When using the X.Rio card, also install the patch from here.

  • For maximum robustness after database fail-over, also upgrade Graphic Hub to version 2.3.1 (See  Graphic Hub 2.3.1 )

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation